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Being a Women

“Doing justice for all her roles as a sister, mother, wife, grandmother and many more, a women is playing a pivotal role that can never be replaced by any creature. Not only she is behind a successful man but is taking a greater slice from the success chart of everything that is happening around the globe.

In compliance to nature, women stand different from men in various characteristics like physical, mental and reproductive. They are inborn characteristics and come to her since a mother conceives a girl child. Especially when talking about health, women's health is far different from men due to a lot of changes she undergoes from her childhood to puberty to menopause. Once the completion of childhood, she enters into womanhood around the age of 18. Women posses three physiological functions called menstruation, pregnancy, and lactation which are absent in men and these physiological functions have a great influence on her behavioural patterns.

Women are more known for their nature of caring and sharing. They are emotional and have high levels of sentiment par to men. When a problem arises they look to figure out solution by discussing with their family and friends. Women are often seen in groups as they innately have the nature of becoming friends with people.

Not just a female's nature is sensitive but her body too due to which she is prone to many diseases including Osteoporosis, gallstones, migraine headaches, rheumatoid arthritis, high blood pressure(hypertension), urinary tract infections etc. Women with osteoporosis have weak bones which tend to break easily. According to reports, every two women over 50 suffer with fractures that are related to osteoporosis.

A female is never less than a men in any aspect, she is capable of doing everything and holds a lot of strength both physically and mentally though the world sets her a scale of what she have to do and what she shouldn't have to. Women despite has been proving that she is equal to men by pacing various professions like police,driver, politician, lawyer, astronaut and many other, her page of completeness is not getting completed due to the intense social barrier gender inequality. It is a serious factor contributing for many problems faced by women in this world. While one side it is limiting the human development, on the otherside women and girls are lacking their freedom of choice. From health to politics, the shadow of inequality is taking a big stand and deteriorating their capabilities.

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