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career goals examples
  • Employer's Direct
    Employment with public and private companies.
  • University HR
    Human Resources with different educational institutions.
  • Internet Job Surfer
    Different web sites that provides employment listings or career advice.
  • Career Centers
    Career Centers in different educational institutions that have information about the students and the programs.
  • Professional Societies
    List of professional societies and the careers that one can pursue.
  • Alumni Services
    Services available to Alumni of different colleges and universities.

Articles List

Identity Of 'Tully Monster' Still A Mystery

by Editor 07 March 2017

Sciencenews.com reports that The true nature of the “Tully monster” fossil may once again be a mystery. Just last year, some researchers declared th

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Discover A Planet From Your Home Computer

by Editor 15 February 2017

MIT and the Carnegie Institution for Science this week released a huge dataset of nearby stars, in hopes of recruiting “fresh eyes” to help hunt exo

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​Canadian Guy Smuggles $127,000 Worth Of Gold In His Butt, Sadly Gets Caught

by Editor 14 February 2017

Men's Health Magazine reports that Two years ago, a man who worked at the Royal Canadian Mint smuggled $127,116 of stolen gold in his butt. For some reason it t

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Dual Magma Plumes Fueled Dinosaur Extinction

by Editor 10 February 2017

New research suggests, two rising plumes of magma from deep within the Earth fueled the titanic volcanic eruptions that marked the final days of the dinosaurs.

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The Strange Sources Of Strange Space Signals

by wochit 05 January 2017

Enlarge ImageThe mysterious signals are coming from someone where in this image in the constellation Auriga. For a decade now, astronomers have been puzzled by

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Have We Already Used Up Earth's Resources For The Year?

by wochit 21 December 2016

According to the Global Footprint Network, we as a planet have already used up Earth's resources for the year. In the 50 years of keeping record of Earth Oversh

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New Report Details Alarming Rise in Methane Gas

by wochit 14 December 2016

While the world has been working to reduce carbon emissions to combat climate change, there's been a troubling spike in another dangerous gas.Methane levels in

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New Wave Energy Project Attempts to Harness the Power of the Ocean

by wochit 13 December 2016

The force of crashing waves can generate huge amounts of energy. But there's a catch: how do you develop technology that can withstand the sea's harsh environm

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Most Important Space Travel Dangers

by wochit 05 December 2016

With space travel comes space danger. Space travelers heading to Mars will be bombarded with cosmic radiation, which can damage cells and DNA. Scientists are wo

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Pipeline Protester Could Lose Arm, Authorities Deny Involvement

by wochit 24 November 2016

A New York woman seriously hurt protesting the Dakota Access oil pipeline faces multiple surgeries and could lose an arm, her father said Tuesday, and protester

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Underground Ocean Found On Pluto

by wochit 18 November 2016

Scientists have found that Pluto has a hidden ocean beneath its surface that may contain liquid water. Although it’s likely a bit slushy, the ocean lies 150 t

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Pluto Cannot Take X-Ray Photographs

by wochit 08 November 2016

Nasa sent the New Horizon spacecraft towards Pluto, and because it wasn’t capable of taking X-ray photographs have given researchers new insight on the dwarf

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Where Is Mount St. Helens Heat Source

by wochit 02 November 2016

Most volcanoes sit atop a deep source of heat from within the earth, but a new study suggests that Mount St. Helens in Washington is sitting on cold rock. Moun

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Plants absorb extra energy from sun with blue leaves

by wochit 25 October 2016

Matthew Jacobs Nearly all life on Earth depends on the ability of plants to convert light into chemical energy. Chloroplasts, the little factories that carry ou

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Is There New Hope For Renewable Energy

by wochit 21 October 2016

Scientists at Oak Ridge Nation Laboratory have learned how to turn carbon dioxide into ethanol fuel. Environmentalists are beyond excited, because this discover

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Possibly cloudy forecast for parts of Pluto

by wochit 21 October 2016

Images from the New Horizons spacecraft show hints of what could be a few isolated clouds scattered around the dwarf planet Pluto, the first seen in otherwise c

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Mars Astronauts Risk Long Term Brain Damage

by wochit 18 October 2016

Sending humans to Mars is a major engineering and technology challenge, but they are challenges I think we all believe will eventually be overcome. However, all

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New Silkworm Diet May Lead to Stronger Silk Threads

by wochit 13 October 2016

Researchers say that by feeding silkworms graphene or single-walled carbon nanotubes, Gossamer threads can become even stronger! To make the reinforced silk, sc

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Study Suggests Humans Can Live Up To 122 Years

by wochit 07 October 2016

U.S. researchers have always been exploring the data on human longevity and concluded that people's life spans may be at their limit. Over time human life span

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2-Dose Vaccine Beats Chickenpox Down By 85%

by Wochit 01 September 2016

U.S. health officials said Thursday that chickenpox -- which is caused by the varicella-zoster virus -- has continued declining in the United States since 2006.

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