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5 offbeat destinations to unwind

By Dwaipayan, 08 July 2021

India has one of the oldest existing cultures, and amazing places to visit, some are truly exclusive places, less known but make a must visi

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How best avoid difficult conversations

By Dwaipayan, 02 July 2021

Conversations can take the wrong turn when you’re anxious or stressed out no matter how prepared you are. Your best placed plans will

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Staying positive in hard times

By Dwaipayan, 24 June 2021

COVID 19 has wrecked our lives in countless ways from physical health to financial bankruptcy. It’s not just about COVID 19 being the

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A family man, yet not a minimum guy!

By Ravi Kumar, 18 June 2021

Many of us suffer from delusions that career-oriented individuals do not have leisurely time to spend with family; a businessperson cannot a

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Bollywood films shot in top 5 Archaeological sites

By Niladri Guha, 17 June 2021

Recipe to satisfy humankind is constant change. Changes in entertainment, drama, theatre and much recently celluloid, was the turning-point

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The evolving hybrid workplace

By Dwaipayan, 21 July 2021

The early days of the COVID-19 outbreak were strange and chaotic times for workplaces around the world. Almost overnight, millions of people found the...


How to Work With Failure

By Shalini K, 05 July 2021

Have you met anyone who has never failed in life or someone who has never felt grief or sorrow? Many of the world religions say or teach us that God t...


Business continuity, profitability and sustainability

By Rana Bhaumik, 30 June 2021

IF WE MORTALS HATE DYING, WHY SHOULD THE BUSINESS FEEL DIFFERENTLY What is born has to die, is a truism for mortal life. But are we ready to accept t...


Most Famous Van Gogh Paintings

By Shalini K, 24 June 2021

Vincent Van Gogh who couldn’t sell more then 1 painting during his lifetime became one of the most celebrated painters in the 20th century. Duri...


Benefits of lifelong Learning habits

Young or old, knowledge stays unlimited! Lifelong learning (LLL) is the continuing, voluntary, and self-motivated quest for knowledge for either personal or pro...

Absence of Research & Development Ecosystem in India – A perspective

R&D challenges in India are deeper: As per all India survey on higher education, 2017-18 by MHRD, only 3.6% colleges run Ph.D. programme and 36.7% coll...



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