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This Viral Video is an Inspiration to Dancers

By wochit, 30 January 2017

This is Lizzy Howell, a 15-year-old from Milford, Delaware with some pretty incredible ballet dancing skills. They're so good, in fact, that

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Donald Glover Shares Inspiration Behind 'Atlanta'

By wochit, 21 January 2017

Writer, singer and actor Donald Glover recently revealed the inspiration behind his hit show 'Atlanta.' While chatting with 'Wired' Glover s

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Matt Bomer Reveals His Love Inspiration

By wochit, 21 January 2017

Matt Bomer's grandparents inspire his marriage. The Magic Mike star "takes cues" from his older relatives when it comes to his relationship

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5 Mantras To Change Your Life

By wochit, 20 January 2017

Author Sherianna Boyle of ‘Mantras Made’ believes that a simple phrase can make a difference in your life. To achieve inner peace, chant

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Chicago Police Learn Motivation For X-mas Shootings

By wochit, 02 January 2017

Chicago's citywide crime wave didn't slow down during the holiday weekend. City police investigated 27 shooting incidents this Christmas we

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