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We choose from the many highly inspirational stories and news articles available on the Internet and elsewhere and make many the best of these available to you here.

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Could Exercise Prevent Seniors From Fall-Related Injuries?

by Editor 20 April 2017 - WORK LIFE BALANCE

Because muscle mass and bone density diminish over time, the elderly are at a higher risk for fall-related injuries. New research suggests that regular exercise

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Huge Asteroid Too Close For Comfort

by Editor 19 April 2017 - ASTROLOGY

Call it a close shave of a celestial sort. On April 19, an asteroid will speed safely by Earth at a distance of 1.1 million miles — or less than five time

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Cassini Spacecraft Finds Microbial Food On Enceladus

by Editor 14 April 2017 - ASTROLOGY

Data from the Cassini spacecraft shows that vaporous plumes shooting out of a moon’s southern pole contains molecular hydrogen.The moon Enceladus is an ic

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Researchers Discover Giant Cold Spot On Jupiter

by Editor 13 April 2017 - ASTROLOGY

Researchers have discovered a second giant spot on the surface of Jupiter, a dark mark on the planet twice the size of Earth. This cool spot sits in Jupiter's n

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