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What drives Business – Sales’ Shoes or Marketers’ Story?

- By Dwaipayan, 01 September 2020 | 6 MIN READ


Sales and marketing are the two most important business functions within an organization. Sales and Marketing both impact lead generation and revenue. Sales are to all activities that lead to the selling of goods and services. While marketing sets the background in the process of getting people interested in the goods and services being sold. Sales and marketing should go hand in hand, and both the teams must keep the ball rolling. 


1. Top marketers never stop listening to customers.

Top marketers are always listening to customers. They’re fervent about bringing innovative and personalized experiences to their customers. This is marketing at its best: plain, friendly, and approachable messaging that your buyer appreciates.

2. The finest salespeople never compete.

The most striking difference between the best salespeople and the average one is how they handle competitive opportunities. The best salespeople never do “feature comparison.” They focus on the customer, spend time listening, and deeply understand the customer’s business. If you’re pulling up your feature comparison document thinking you’re going to win a deal, that’s a bad idea! you’ve already lost, according to these best-in-class sellers. 

3. What sales needs, marketing wants, too.

It’s no surprise that sales and marketing teams want the same things. They just have distinct ways of saying it. Sales tell about opportunities and pipeline. Marketing talks about leads and funnel. Things are the same at its very core. 

4. Never undervalue the power of a customer story.

There is nothing more human than a story. At the end of the day, marketers, salespeople, customers, prospects – all are human. A customer story tells of a real-life experience that someone has had with your brand. People who aren’t yet customers can relate and say “hey – I can see myself in that story!

5. Budget and Resources are the heartlines for marketers.

If you’re a salesperson, know that marketing can’t do their jobs without money and people, it's needed, have empathy for it. Marketing essentially comes down to money and resources. Without budget and people, marketers can’t support events, demand gen, website design, and everything else marketers do.

6. Marketers! think about products the way salespeople do

Most of the marketers have limited information about the product they’re marketing. On the other hand, the best salespeople understand what they were selling. Deeply. As a marketer knowing the product line could be clever.

7. Salespeople! understand different marketing roles

The best salespeople recognize how to work with each marketing function and take advantage when needed. Marketing involves everything from branding, public relations, demand generation, product marketing, marketing operations, and more. Each of these marketing functions has its own specialization and often takes some time to be an expert. 

8. Marketers! spend a day in the salesperson’s shoes.

Weekly targets, monthly targets, yearly targets - a lot of pressure to meet their quota and close deals. Every salesperson you meet is under Cold calling leads, meeting prospective customers at events – it is tough times always! Spend a day with a salesperson in your team. You’ll have a completely new outlook for how hard their job is, and by understanding their role you may come to things you can do as a marketer to support them. 

9. Salespeople spend a day in marketers’ shoes

As a salesperson, understand how marketing works. The best salespeople appreciate that marketing is working hard on sales’ behalf. Knowing about creating content, managing customer relationships, building campaigns, measuring leads, and pipe-gen – could be quite exciting for a change. Extraordinary marketing is more science than art. Get to know your marketing peers. Keep In Mind, whatever you can do to support them will sooner or later be supporting you too.

10. Stellar marketing can set the pace for a whole company – Good sales number can earn revenues.

A stellar marketing strategy can benefit from years to come. A well-planned marketing program can create the drive that sales can benefit from for years to come. Again, without the sales team, you don’t meet revenues. At the end of the day, Marketing and Sales must complement each other for a thriving business.  


Sales and marketing are complementary in nature, they cannot do without each other’s support. By keeping team members of both the departments engaged, uplifted, and inspired is the crux to attain the organisation’s goal. By promoting internal collaboration and coaching, will ultimately drive a bigger impact on the bottom line.




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