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The Importance of Kindness

- By Shiva Chiluveru, 03 June 2021 | 5 MIN READ


" My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness." ― Dalai Lama

Why be Kind? For the simple fact that being kind strengthens human relationships for a better society. What does the world need most in this modern chaotic world is kindness. The best thing we as humans can do is avoid harming others. 

With the advent of social media platforms and digitalization of information there is too much negativity being spread around. What the world needs right now is not success or growth but rather kind people, who can empathize with others.

Being kind helps to maintain good relationships and build your network. It also increases your happiness quotient making you look young and healthy. It's humane to be kind. It doesn't require you to belong to any particular religion or caste or creed. You don’t have to be either rich or in a particular position to show some kindness. If we look around there will be many situations where you can show kindness to anyone. 

Kindness broadens your perspective of life in general. It's quite possible that we will be within a limited frame of mind. When we start exhibiting kindness we start becoming inclusive. It also reinforces your emotional wellbeing. 

Do not mistake kindness for weakness. On the contrary, it takes courage to be kind. It doesn't mean that you have to bear the scorn of others or let them take advantage of you. It also doesn't mean that you cannot be assertive. 

It's important to understand that being kind means to let go of trivial issues and be more empathetic towards others' needs or situations. To keep ourselves in their shoes and try to gauge the experiences or situations  of life.

All of us cannot handle different situations life throws at us in the same manner or with the same level of intellectual and emotional intelligence.
That's why it's important to be kind to each other. You can always be more accommodating while still not losing your integrity or self esteem. 

Let's reflect upon our past actions or deeds, take a paper and list out all situations or people to whom you were kind, reminisce about those moments or the faces of those individuals. I am sure your heart would have been filled with joy. Kindness would definitely fill you with a great feeling of satisfaction. 

Its inherent quality of humans to be kind. We strive for success and in the process we become more selfish and indulgent. Qualities like kindness, compassion, empathy become insignificant in our struggle to become successful. As we become successful we forget or ignore our innate element of kindness. We complain about world situations , society etc but won’t do what is necessary. 

Society or state or a country will not be peaceful all by itself unless we as citizens show humanity, kindness and compassion towards each other. All we need to do is be considerate, judgeless, and give a helping hand to the needy instead of creating a conflict or antagonizing the situations. You can see a drastic change within yourself and surroundings as you practice kindness. 

Small acts of kindness can create considerable ripple effects that can change or influence whole humanity. The butterfly effect and underlying principle of Chaos describes how a tiny event in one place can create a significant effect in another part of the world. 

Be open and celebrate others' success. Start being kind to yourself. Spread a smile, give a helping hand and make kindness your virtue. Make the world a better place.


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