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Social Marketers Here is Top 10 Social Media Marketing Myths and Trends: 4th Quarter 2020

- By Dwaipayan, 01 September 2020 | 6 MIN READ


The Social Media marketing landscape does change every day. The past decade social media has had plenty of time to stash on some big, inaccurate, myths. Some marketers still continue to hold on the unproven data, simply because it's hard to keep up to date on what's truly going on with social media. As a marketer, you should identify the myth from reality to create a successful social media strategy.

It’s time to put on the Mythbusters hat and see what’s happening in 2020


1. People spend much time on Social Media

An estimated 2.39 billion people worldwide were active on social media in 2019. We need to admit that there's a social platform for everything and everyone. Whilst family and friends are buzzing on sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter; pros are networking all over LinkedIn. Probabilities are at least one social media platform that will have an audience and will align with your brand. We’re not sure which one is the best for you?

2. Pick the platform that’s designed for your customers

Put your efforts, time, and resources into the platforms that align most with your audience and marketing tactics. Most of the platforms aren’t worth your time. Cut it loose, the best marketers use data to identify what’s the best marketing activity that churns sales conversions.

3. Unveiling Pinterest

Pinterest is primarily for B2C marketers. But you can always take a challenge to prove it's not so. Turns out some of my colleagues feel alike, and one of them went a step ahead with an epic blog post describing how B2B organizations can get value out of Pinterest. You can also validate with accounts of brands like GE, Microsoft, Econsultancy on Pinterest.

4. A Great Fan following gets your business

Do not underestimate the power of a large social reach. More fans and followers mean you're increasing your chances to access their fans and followers. When someone shares your content, your SEO improves.

5. Schedule posts on the Weekends

You can always schedule posts or launch social media ads on the weekends ahead of time, but that doesn't mean it will correlate to when people are using social media. The practice is actually found to have more success if you embrace contra-competitive timing.

6. Friends and family "Like" every update, will make your social presence rock [Debunked]

No, absolutely not, you can't just have your mom and uncle Like every post you put up on Facebook. It might appear that you have a lot of posts that your friends or family members but sadly, algorithms are much cleverer when it comes to deciding which posts get seen. YOU NEED A VARIETY OF PEOPLE TO SHOW UP!

7. Do you need to respond to social activity immediately?

Speedy response is appreciated, but not a deadline always. Folks understand that you're running a business. There are other things that need top priority. While, if you're running a social media account that takes a complaint which is public to all users could hurt your credibility. In such a scenario, you should consider an ASAP thoughtful reply that indicates you're taking the feedback gravely.

8. Social media marketing strategies don't drive bottom line scores [Debunked]

Well, will not explain, but bring in some statistics for you!

Businesses that use Twitter average 2X more leads than those that don't

Companies with 1000+ Twitter followers get 5X more traffic

46% of marketers note social media has a below-average cost-per-lead in comparison to other channels

63% of companies using LinkedIn for marketing have acquired a customer from it

51% of companies using Facebook for marketing have acquired a customer from it

45% of companies using Twitter for marketing have acquired a customer from it

9. Using Hashtags are great for every post

Check out for yourselves!

Love this article on #socialmedia #marketing that talks about #pinterest and has an image of a #puppy #lol. Hashtags are not always about marketing, it’s also about readability.

10. Social media is completely free marketing [Debunked]

Social Media is free to join, nevertheless a resource investment. You pay an employee to manage your channels and build strategies. And, as you get successful, you might decide to up time and money investments. Social Media is still one of the most inexpensive ways to boost audiences, trigger brand awareness, making an investment worth your while.


The world of Social media changes fast. You may perhaps have a few fallacies that have been debunked by other marketers, but that’s always good for you. Make sure the myths of social media aren't constraining you and your marketing team in achieving the projected target and some relief… Phew!. And yes, every myth is supported by data or articles, if you're still skeptical. To debunk more myths, keep following our marketing blogs, we’ll bring tons of data and statistics to help you win customers.



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