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Parental Control, Monitoring kids & More

- By Dwaipayan, 06 June 2021 | 3 MIN READ


Children today are open to a realm of digital devices from quite young ages making learning ever exploring and interesting. There are countless educational apps to download. The digital world is stimulating and unlocks vast educational opportunities. However, for parents, it is a challenge to keep a track of their learnings. Children are open to a sea of technologies for collaboration and sharing, while you've in-app purchases and features such as tagging and countless applications that have chat features where the users can interact with a large number of people.

It can be quite a task for the parents to monitor every activity of their children. But DON’T WORRY! there are many ways to allow your kids to socialize with their friends while being safe.  

Some effective tips to keep your children safe

Protect with Password: Ensure all household digital devices and desktops are password-protected, never share the password with your kid for any whether it’s a Google Play account or iTunes. By doing this you can give certain freedom to your child and it’s a great way to manage family sharing.   

Know your kid’s digital world: Spend time with your child and understand his/her online habits, what are they accessing? Use screen control devices or parental control software, use restrictions, lock settings, and any additional privacy settings related to individual applications, and most importantly don’t forget to monitor now and then to see how much time they spend. Keep a close eye!

Protect Identity: Educate your child not to disclose personal information online and why they shouldn’t give this information to strangers no matter how hard the latter convinces them. Take your time to explain or discuss with your children. 

Parents’ knowledge of Facebook and other social platforms: It is suggested that parents stay proactive and learn the use of Facebook and other social media. Social media applications are largely interactive, parents need to learn social tool applications such as how to change privacy settings, configure timeline settings, review activity logs, and much more.

Educate your child about privacy: The Internet is a gateway to the world, you can receive and send unlimited data, but, there lurks danger if not used wisely. Teach your child to create a strong password to be on the safe side. Most importantly do not agree to meet strangers and be cautious of suspicious web links. If your child is browsing in a public place teach to sign out correctly to avoid theft of personal information.


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