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Miracles of Giving

- By Shiva Chiluveru, 08 May 2021 | 4 MIN READ


Giving is good; the idea sounds very lofty right? Yes, it’s good to give in whatever way you can. The benefits of giving are many. Giving is not difficult if you start looking around and it doesn’t always have to be money though most of us associate giving with monetary value.

One can contribute in many forms and it can be as simple as giving an advice or spending little time with loved ones or a friend or an office colleague who might be going through lot of stress due to work pressure.

Giving is not only beneficial to the receiver it’s also enriches the giver. Deep down it will make you so happy that, such happiness cannot be measured or quantified.

Just for the sake of understanding let’s look at the benefits of giving.

#1 Happiness factor
Yes, giving makes us happy.It has been scientifically proven that when we give or share our brain associated with happiness, joy, pleasure etc produces endorphins. These in turn creates a positive feeling which makes us happy. Giving makes us to become part of the society which brings a feeling of collectiveness, togetherness, sense of belonging. Never hesitate to help someone in need of the hour.

#2 Social Bonding
When you give to the society it always comes back to you in one or the other forms. Your kindness will inspire others to be generous and help other. Empathy for others will make social bonding strong which is a good thing for a society. For us to be happy it’s equally important for our neighbour and those living around us to be happy. Giving creates trust in society leading to a stronger community.

#3 Health Factor
Isn’t it amazing to know that giving can keep you healthy.Kindness for other will make you mentally happy, which automatically lowers your blood pressure. When you engage the society by giving, it improves your self esteem and keeps depression or any negative traits at bay. People who give and contribute to society live a longer, peaceful and satisfying life.

# 4 Spread Love and Joy

When you are compassionate and empathetic towards others, you automatically spread love and joy. With generosity we can make a better world and better society to live in. What can be a better way of living than spreading friendship and companionship? By giving you are making every one part of your happiness circle.


#5 Strengthens societies

Society is a reflection of people living in it. People make societies. Giving strengthens moral values of any society leading to prosperity and growth. It is the moral duty and responsibility of every individual to give back to the society in one form or the other. When the people living in a society have high moral values and embrace giving, such societies thrive and make a nation strong and great.


Our lives can only be meaningful when we can create an impact on the lives of others,
when we can be of any help to others in one way or the other. Always be ready to give a helping hand. Teach kindness and generosity to children so that when they grow up they can be better citizens.

One can give back to society in any form. Donate, Volunteer, teach, and get in involved in community programs. Inspire your friend and family to embrace giving.

Let’s do our part to make a better world



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