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Many saw the apple fall, but Newton asked why?

- By Dwaipayan, 09 February 2021 | 4 MIN READ


Students today are led by a technology-infused world of opportunities. The next leap possibly would be of widespread smart houses, autonomous cars, and of course artificial intelligence. The existing curriculum won’t be sufficient. To materialize this vision, teachers have to identify the trends, predict what students will need, and prepare them to be future-ready. Yes, we are talking about a future-ready school, i.e. building technology infrastructure for learning, cutting-edge connectivity to students, decisions about infrastructure technology for operational efficiency; in all a powerhouse for technological innovation and learning. Based on these changing aspects teachers, students, and the school can thrive. Here are five things you can do today:


Create a culture of creativity 

With massive data around us, empower students to take advantage and cash in on creativity as a currency. Let students communicate their ideas with mediums such as writing, videos, physical models, drawing, etc. Encourage their creativity to flourish.


Collaboration “better together”

To work in isolation things don’t work out. If you have a problem take help to hear experiences from several people. Let students share what they’re learning through a class social media account or even in groups and show them how to effectively and safely interact with the world on the web. 


Seeding curiosities into classroom lessons

As a teacher encourage students to pull their passions or curiosities. Just check out that if one student is interested in a lesson, there is a good chance that others will be too. Give students some freedom to pursue. Every kid is unique and has a different approach to find a solution – learning is everywhere, never shun their work as not a part of the lesson plan.


The effort on “creating” than consuming

With countless resources like articles, videos, images, multimedia, discussions, and more, most of us consume, but less creative. Encourage students to be more of creators and less of consumers. Let’s students choose to create. Creating a video, presentation even a doodle can make them remember things for a longer time.


Voice your creativity

An Idea that can change the world! There are ideas but how do get them published? To bring the message to the audience we no longer need a magazine publisher or a TV show but can start a blog or a YouTube channel on valuable content that connects with the people or helps them solve their problems. Whenever, you come across creative students, help them channelize it, encourage them to share those ideas. Academically, ask students to think about new ways, practices in the classroom for all of us to benefit.

Curiosity makes the world what it is today. It is a strong desire to know or learn something. If there weren’t curious people out there would be no clothes, no cars, no medicine, no internet, and no recipes! You might live in a cave! Take a moment to look around you. Almost everything you see was created by someone’s curiosity! 



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