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Make your website stand out – Try for yourself how easily a visitor can browse pages on a mobile device

- By Dwaipayan, 13 May 2021 | 3 MIN READ


The internet is like a cosmos of information. Therefore, you need to do all the hacks where viewers can find out your website effortlessly to consume your products and services. Here are 9 ways where your website stands out from the crowd.

1.            Everyone looks for something extra. In exchange when you’re asking for their email signup, give them a downloadable how-to, some free research, or a coupon code.

2.            Focus your visitors’ eyes on one thing. Don’t offer multiple things at a time – do the opposite “focus.” So, point people to the key thing you want them to do, and make sure it also benefits them.

3.            Make it fun. Graphically, and with words.

4.            Add a blog. Certainly, blogging helps to make you a niche in the market. Share them. Become a distinguished expert.

5.            Update your website13 times a month. And triple your traffic.

6.            Make your website mobile-friendly! More than 72% of all visits to the internet are via smartphones. Run a mobile-friendly checker; if you failed the test, you’d better address this quickly, because it’s already reducing your traffic.

7.            Use video it is effective! Research shows that video increases the engagement time by an average of 50% – and the longer they stay there, more the business.

8.            Think powerful “headlines and graphics.” Because that’s what people will see, that’s what you should spotlight.

9.            Try being you. Whether “you” is just you, or an entire team at your company, you’re your brand make it count, make it unique. Make sure it reflects your values. For the reason that just as there’s someone for everyone, there are people searching for a company like yours. Make it happen. 


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