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Get down and dirty! 6 Bad Habits That Is Actually Good For You

- By Dwaipayan, 27 August 2020 | 5 MIN READ


Sometimes a bit of germ in your life is a good thing, but hey! that doesn't make you welcome these nasty bacterias with open hearts. Scientists, however, have a different story to tell! They're of an opinion that we should be working just as hard to create a healthy "microbiome" by surrounding ourselves with helpful bugs. These superbugs could positively impact our brain and boost our immune health. Microorganisms are powerful allies, they help us with digestion, boosting our immune systems, and even improving our mood. So now you could get a little dirty and cultivate some good bugs. Here are some "unhealthy" habits that are actually nice for you.

1.    Kissing Your Adorable Dog. Yacks!

Dog lovers, cheer! You no longer have to feel culpable for those loving sloppy licks! A study uncovered that just petting a dog reduces your blood pressure and stress levels. And according to an ongoing University study of Arizona, canine kisses are beneficial too.

2.    Are Hand Sanitizer good for you?

Hand sanitizer is a warhead on this COVID 19 outbreak! We all know anti-bacterial soaps and gels can make you feel safer about using public washrooms, but they could be doing more harm than good. A recent study from the Oxford Journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases tells that these products do wipe out the bad bugs, but they work as collateral damage and wipe out all your good bacteria and may contribute to the rising problem of antibiotic resistance.

3.    Sharing food with besties

Not only will sharing a dish with your friends save you on calories, but it’s good for your immune health. Stanford researchers tell a little saliva shared among healthy friends and family members could help you build up your stock of good bugs.

4.    Good news! You need not Brush Your Teeth After Every Meal

Brushing too often and too vigorously can hurt your teeth by eroding enamel and could leave your gums irritated. Even worse, brushing immediately after a meal can cause dental damage. A study from the University of Chicago. When you munch on acidic foods (soda is a major culprit!) the acid can remain on your teeth and destroy your enamel. Brushing right away pushes the acid deeper into your teeth instead of removing it. Waiting 30 to 60 minutes after eating before reaching for your toothbrush is a better suggestion.

5.    Get hold of some dirt on Your Hands & in your Mouth is a good idea!

The dirt that grows vegetables is just as good as the plucks. Weird, but researchers are actually telling you to eat (a little) dirt. The act of eating soil could protect the stomach against toxins, parasites, and pathogens. Geophagy could be bizarre, but it works!

6.    Leaving food outside other than refrigerating

Foods like meat, poultry need to be refrigerated. But allowing other edibles to be exposed to air and warmth could promote healthy bacteria, serving you some tasty probiotics, says a study published in Physiological Anthropology. A common practice, milk, bread starter, and vegetables are often fermented before refrigeration is good for you. Old traditions practice of home-fermented foods is thought to work well on your immune system.

Personal hygiene is all about how you care for your body, if the goal is achieved by learning newer ways to promote health, at times -  a little on a bizarre side is no harm and more good. Every day, we encounter millions of outside germs and viruses. They can linger on your body, and in some cases they may make you sick, but not necessarily all bugs harm you! Personal hygiene can help you and the people around you avoid illnesses. Find newer ways to practice it, and how you can change your habits to make yourself feel and look better.

Did you get your bit of personal hygiene here? Hope the read offered you some valuable insights on personal hygiene.




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