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Coaching Vs Training – What’s the Difference?

- By Ravi Kumar V, 27 February 2021 | 4 MIN READ


You’ve probably heard of getting training in technical domains, but what about coaching?

Most of us would use the terms interchangeably but there is actually a difference. This distinction can make a change in your overall efficiency, success in business, and even your confidence.

Here is what we know:


Training is generally used for SPECIFIC initiatives and is usually a onetime event, conference, or meeting.

An example would be your association of CRM software rolls out a new version of the product and you need to understand the functionalities in order to cater to the audience. Training is essential for things such as processes, procedures, technology, or even regulations. All the training events you’ve probably attended in the past had a leader, a product trainer, or a process trainer.

Trainers are typically someone who walks you through a specific process to get a result on a specific item or task.

Fundamentals of Training:

Usually takes place in a group setting

Learning objectives is the focus

Follows the model show me, tell me, test me

Directs learning

Training typically has low to no levels of accountability.


Coaching covers a bigger goal, will still involve learning and striving for objectives/goals there is a very different focus and a different end result

Coaching is a long-term activity (thought, action) designed to help you expand your business and achieve your full potential through accountability.

A coach is a kind of facilitator – will show you the path, has a dedicated interest in your success, and will demonstrate/motivate you how to reach that next level of growth by directing actions of change. A coach will help you connect the goals you’ve set out to achieve by equipping you with the skills, resources, and proven methods.

A coach empowers, hiring a coach is the biggest step you can take when you are genuinely invested in your own success. Powerful coaches will take a “confrontational” approach to really help you get past the things that are holding you back.

At times there could be uncomfortable conversations about bad habits, limiting beliefs, or anything else that might prevent you from achieving your full potential – in the end, you are who is going to be benefited.

Fundamentals of Coaching:

Takes place on an individual one-on-one basis

Focus is improved behavior and performance

Facilitates critical thinking and decision making

Controls process through questions

Coaching has high levels of accountability

Coaching vs. Training

Sometimes both overlap. How?

Certainly, there’s coaching involved in training and there’s training involved in coaching.

Since now that you know more about the distinctions between coaching and training, you can be more purposeful about your learning and success track.

Your Success

Training and coaching have a unique role in your success.

So, it’s you to decide what have planned for coaching and training this year?

Ask yourself these questions!

Are you attending at least one full-immersion event every quarter?

Are you currently working with a coach who is committed to your success?

Take the actions (coaching or training or both) that will lead to the biggest success in your business.






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