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7 Ways to Productive Procrastination

- By Dwaipayan, 24 August 2020 | 3 MIN READ


As humans, we do procrastinate, at times it’s just inescapable. Work is work, and you can find yourself doing anything to dodge if not but for a few more minutes. You can always use that extra time to do something at least a little productive.

We bring you a list of some good suggestions and we want you to do that!

1. Try to script a personal email: If you cherish a relationship with someone who means a lot to you, write them an email! Take some time and develop your relationships.

2. Start a collection of links that you can effectively use later: If you have a list of subjects you’re interested to learn, try starting a compilation of links. Take the opportunity to quickly pick on one of those subjects when you’re busy procrastinating.

3. If you are procrastinating a task?: Write why you’re avoiding the task. Chances are you’ll uncover some angles that you never gave a thought before.

4. Share your ideas that could help the company you work for, write an email: There’s no time like the present. If you see an opportunity you think would benefit the company, pen your thoughts, and send them to someone who could help. Ask for feedback. If anything, it’ll get it off your chest. It’ll also help better your chances of how people view you.

5. Initiate a conversation and listen honestly to what others have to say: If you’re a terrible listener, practice focusing on what someone has to say even if the subject is completely monotonous to you. The goal here is to practice your “people skills” by listening and not talking.

6. Create a list of your successes: List out things you succeeded at. Try expanding the list chronologically. See if there is a pattern? Is there something you can learn from? There is usually something valuable, running a list will help you see it.

7. Write a thanking note: Were you mentored by someone long ago? Is there someone who helped you that you never really thanked? Or is there someone you admire who made a meaningful impact in your life? Take a few moments to thank them over a mail. These practices can make you feel good and inspire you to get back to work!

Review and rewind, your most recent “Sent Items” and try to make sense of how your writing represents your thinking.




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