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5 Types of Toxic People You Should Avoid

- By Dwaipayan, 20 August 2020 | 6 MIN READ


Have you ever experienced that exhaustion, emotionally drained and negative while hanging around with a company of toxic people?. How do we describe a toxic person? Well, anyone who is abusive, unsupportive, or unhealthy emotionally—someone who brings you down more than up is a toxic person
Be wise to choose your friends and associates to foster positive and healthy relationships. We only have a limited time to live a meaningful life.

It is said that toxic people are like soft drinks, they will kill you slowly. Similarly, toxic people slowly drain you of your vitality with time. The more energy you spend on them, the more stressed and empty you feel. Some of them create such a negative impact in your life that turns you into a toxic person.

1. The tell-tale Gossiper
The gossiper is a malicious force in any organization. They take you into confidence by sharing with you delicate information. They disperse and chitchat about other people. When someone wants to speak to you about somebody else behind their back, it's nearly always a toxic situation. Be sure that if the gossiper is talking about others to you, then, they’re also talking about you to someone else. They are dubious characters, this is the person at work that corners you during break time and talks badly about another coworker’s performance. When the person feels that they can come to you. When people see you together and they may even label you as a gossiper just for being associated with this type of toxic person.

2. The Manipulator – The scheming guy
Watch out for the manipulator, they know what they want, and they’ll use you to get it. They don’t care about your thoughts and feelings. It looks like the longer you spend with them, the less power you've got over your own destiny. In every organization you will find one or few, possibly the worst thing is that and you’ll end up doing whatever they want instead of standing up for yourself. The manipulator is bent on achieving their mission at the expense of everyone around them.

3. The Judge – Be prepared for disapproval & condemnation
The judge takes full advantage of our discomfort with shame to steal your energy. Regardless of what you say, think, or do, the judge will always have some criticism for you. The judge never tries to put themselves in your shoes. The more time you spend with them, the more depressed you’ll be. Stop from convincing them, you can never make them happy, dealing with them and you will always take the blame.

4. The Exaggerator -Blowing out things of proportions
Have you come across anyone who blows up things out of proportions? An exaggerator will exactly treat missing deadlines as a horrible oversight that demonstrates your lack of dedication to the team. They will still hang this missed deadline over your head long after the presentation.
An exaggerator doesn’t skills to stay alittle problem small. They often resort to saying things like, “You never do…” or “You have always been…” They don’t take the time to consider the steps you’ve taken to fix the problem or correct your mistake. Mess up in front of an exaggerator and be prepared to be labeled as a loser.

5. The Emotional Expresser Takes No Action
The emotional expresser enjoys talking about feelings, but not in a constructive way. They never take any action to resolve bad situations. They just talk and express their bitter feelings, It is so easy to fall into this trap of talking instead of taking action. If you hang around with an emotional expresser, sooner or later, you’ll become a bit like them. You can soon end up discussing feelings lose the ability to fix things for you.
The emotional expresser comes to you with a personal problem that needs to be fixed. They will share with you their terrible story, but they aren’t willing to do anything to solve their problems. Any suggestions you come up with will be met with resistance. “I can’t do that…” and “I’ve already tried that…” are the default responses that the emotional expresser will give to you when you challenge them to face their problems. Do a favour to yourself, just avoid such people.



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