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3 Mantras for Success: Health, Goals and Persistence

- By Shalini K, 08 January 2021 | 7 MIN READ


Success has been eluding many. People try different things like hiring a mentor or a coach, attending workshops, read books, take courses etc to achieve success either in personal or professional life. But still success seems a farfetched idea to many

It so happens that in chasing the wild goose we forget simple basics of life, success lies in simplicity, in the fundamentals. In the allure for grandeur we miss the seed of success.

If we want to be successful, we need to understand what actually success means, does it means a heavy bank balance, or an expensive sports car or a huge property. The definition of success is different for different people. It cannot be the same for everyone.

Let’s discuss three simple mantras for success. I say simple, because the mantras are so easy yet very profound. It doesn’t matter what you want in life these 3 simple facts will always be a guiding force for you towards your success.

1. Health

Have you ever given a thought how healthy you are? Imagine, with all the money in the bank and you as individual are seriously ill, would you call that a success?

Many individuals are suffering from many serious ailments, psychological problems, stress, sleep disorder and what not. What is the value of a full grown crop which you cannot reap? There is lot of peer pressure, social conditions, pressure of being left out which all of us are facing in modern times.

Always keep a check on your health. Not just your physical health, emotional health and spiritual health as well.

To maintain good physical health, eat more vegetables, follow healthy diet, get enough sleep and exercise regularly. Avoid processed, canned food, sodas; junk food etc.

Emotional health is also equally important. Check on your relationships with your parents, friends, siblings, girl friend etc. Avoid or get out of abusive relationships, don’t be in the circle of toxic or negative people.

To be blissful and enjoy the wonders of life it’s imperative to be connected to the universe. How well are you spiritually motivated? Increase your spiritual quotient by expressing your gratitude for all the best things you have in life. Life gives more to people who value and appreciate what they receive from the existence. If you are not happy with what you have, how can you appreciate or value which you don’t have?

To enjoy the gifts of life it’s crucial to have great physical, emotional and spiritual health. Meditate very often to calm you mind and be connected with life.

2. Goals: Are they really yours?

The goals you have been chasing day in, day out, are they really yours? Or are you trying to be someone because of peer or social pressure? You don’t have to become another Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos.

We are under constant pressure to achieve something like others, if not, we are deemed failure. But that doesn’t mean we have to follow or copy others. In this every being has its own purpose or importance. We cannot ignore or deny the importance of a lamp in comparison to sun that would be very unfair.

It’s very significant to find our ground, our own goals. Even before you start anything, ask yourself why you want to do this or why you are doing this. If the goals do not sprout from your own passion or desire or needs, you will end up unhappy because deep inside that’s not what you want end.

Remember the importance of spiritual health? It’s what you are deep inside will define your success. You can make loads of many and still be unhappy.
You can be self sufficient and be eternally happy.

In the end, it’s your blissfulness that defines your success. Never wear someone else cloths, you would never be comfortable. Make a difference in your own way, create your own mark.

It’s very simple; the goals that come from you will lead to your own success.    

3. Persistence

How often have you given up? Persistence is the winning mantra which can take you a long way. It’s neither the talent nor hard work that can make you great, its sheer persistence.

Many of us give up when we hit a roadblock and blame either life or lack of support or our economic conditions. Only persistence can sail you through such troubled waters. Nothing else can help you.

When the goals come from your passion, persistence will arise within you, because what you want to achieve is driven by your inner desire, which force and encourage you to persist.

Train your mind to be persistent. Look around you, you will find many successful people who are not smarter than or as smart as you or were born with silver spoon. It’s sheer persistence that has made them successful.

Remember electricity was not invented in a day neither was airplane or many other great inventions. It’s only that people kept doing what they love irrespective of results or the outcome. No failure could break their spirit.

With persistence you could move the mountains. Let not small failures deter your growth. Endure the pain and suffering. At the end of every dark tunnel there is always light, the question do you have the persistence to walk the road towards light.

If you follow these 3 simple mantras, you can never go wrong.  Following these simple steps will be a revelation for you which can create a powerful impact on your life forever.

Please leave your comments about what you think of these simple mantras of Health, Goals and Persistence.



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