A group of people who share their views, ideas and thoughts on various aspects of the world refers to a community. Being in a community increases the chance of building network while helps to gather information relating to one's interest.

With the magnificent evolution of internet, now-a-days online community has emerged tremendously, with which individuals can join one or more communities in particular to share their common goals, ideas, views, interests, preferences etc. Whenever a community gathers, there will be a sort of room formation to discuss, inspire and aspire each other.

For like-minded people, communities are a boon as they simply lets us stay connected through interactions.

“community is the force of people sharing, good or bad”


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China's Xi To Open Communist Party Congress

by Wochit 18 October 2017

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday will open a critical Communist Party congress, that is expected to cement his authority with a closely watched address

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Thousands trek in 'Justice March' from Ankara to Istanbul

by Editor 07 July 2017

Thousands of people are participating in a "Justice March" organized by the main opposition party in Turkey.The march route stretches nearly 280 miles from the

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GOP Health Bill Hidden Costs

by Editor 29 June 2017

Republicans are touting lower premiums under their health care legislation, but that reflects insurance that would cover a smaller share of the cost of medical

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Jonathan Banks Reuniting With Ken Jeung

by wochit 06 February 2017

Actor Jonathan Banks will be reuniting with his former 'Community' co-star Ken Jeong!According to The Hollywood Reporter Banks will be making a cameo on Jeung's

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Mississippi Town Finally Celebrates MLK Day

by Editor 18 January 2017

It's official: the city of Biloxi, Miss., will now celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day on the third Monday of January. The change, announced Monday in a statem

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School's Social Media Coordinator Fired For Correcting Student’s Spelling

by wochit 17 January 2017

Katie Nash, who worked for Friederick Country Public Schools in Maryland as a social media coordinator was fired for correcting a student's spelling through Twi

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Incoming Administration's School Reform Fails To Address Inadequacy Of Public Schools

by wochit 17 January 2017

The most lasting and fundamental “reform” the new administration should champion is the elimination of the rigid, standardized, one-size-fits-all curriculum

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'Right-To-Work' Legislation Comes To A Head In Kentucky

by wochit 09 January 2017

On Saturday Republican lawmakers in Kentucky will take up a bill that would make it the 27th U.S. state to allow workers the right to work in union-represented

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Google Calendar Update Helps You Keep Track of Your Fitness Goals

by wochit 06 January 2017

On Thursday, Google has announced a new Google Calendar update to help anyone ready to keep New Year's resolution. In the announcement, Google has said that you

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Two Sets Of Twins Born In Different Years In U.S.

by wochit 03 January 2017

Two sets of twins were born in different years over the weekend, with parents in Arizona and California getting double doses of joy in 2016 and 2017, local medi

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The #1 Sign It’s Time To Break Up

by wochit 29 December 2016

Why do people get trapped in bad relationships? According to Men’s Health, ‘when people had already invested lots of time, money, and effort into a relation

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Tips For Driving Safely In Winter

by wochit 13 December 2016

Here are tips for having a safe Winter road trips. The first tip is that always get a good night’s sleep before starting the trip. Driver’s must be alert, b

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Fiji Ants Cultivating Their Own Coffee Crops

by wochit 29 November 2016

Scientists on the island of Fiji have discovered a type of ant that plants, fertilizes & guards its own coffee crops. According to the scientists, this is the f

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Low social status leads to off-kilter immune system

by wochit 28 November 2016

According to a new study, those with lower social status have an immune system working in high gear. However, the researchers did not test their experiment on

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Echidnas: One Of The Last Egg-Laying Mammals

by wochit 22 November 2016

Echidnas are super weird animals. Their toes point forward in the front, but backward on their hind legs. The animals don’t have any nipples, but they do have

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Nameplate Necklaces Important To Black And Brown Culture

by wochit 04 November 2016

Collier Meyerson has always wanted a nameplate necklace ever since she saw the girls wear them in school. All the Puerto Rican, Dominican, and Black girls in he

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To Help Autistic Children, Training Parents To Communicate Shows Promise

by wochit 27 October 2016

A new study suggests a program that teaches parents how to communicate better with their kids may improve certain autism symptoms. In the October 25th online ed

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A New Study Revealed a Bacterial Weaponry that Causes Stillbirth

by Wochit 01 September 2016

Toxic balloons bud from Strep B. A new study in pregnant mice shows these fluid-filled sacs can cause inflammation, premature delivery and stillbirth. BAD BUDDI

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