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Starting an Advertising Agency

BY Seshu 18 November 2015

The world of advertising is a competition huddled world and takes a lot of hard work and dedication to stand out and reach the clients you are looking for. It is an awarding career bundled up with prospects and joy but differentiating your agency from others to keep it successful needs some prior steps to follow.

  Be clear with the goal

One has to be clear before starting any company and it even applies to an advertising agency with no questions. Make points clear on what kind of agency you're going to start, a dedicated agency that offers only limited services on print media and internet or the one that functions to deliver all kinds of advertising services on print media, television, radio and internet.

Join a course

It's never too late to join a course to empower your skills. A course that takes you to the world of advertising -copywriting course, a graphic designer course or a basic business management all reinforce you while sliding over from a normal person to the one who is aspiring to stand out with his own agency. Of course, when you own an ad agency, you have to look out for a copy writer to get a pitch for a campaign or a concept and for getting things into hand a graphic designer is a must to design various creatives like newsletters, pamphlets, leaflets or a hoarding design.

Keeping up with trends and changes

In the field of advertising change is the only thing stays constant most of the time. As advertising varies with many factors, keeping yourself updated with changing trends, fashion, innovations and more would help you design an ad that doesn't reflects age old period thoughts.

Start up capital

Investment on the agency may take less cost if you start it from home but opening costs and operating expenses surrounds you if it is out from the home . To manage the costs, you can rely on two sources to get the capital - banks and private investors.


- Get loan from a bank for a few months to a few years based up on the type of the loan and terms of the bank.

- Getting capital from private investors like friends, family and other business members is one of the best possible ways to invest on your agency but it may even call for problems in the future so make up a contract that defines agreement terms and conditions.


Get a local business permit from your town hall,  Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) or Federal Tax Identification Number from the Internal Revenue Service, state tax certificate from your state's business regulatory office. No special licenses are required to operate an advertising agency.

  Agency setup

Arrange your agency with a list of necessary equipment. Set up with computer, drawing and printing materials, phone, printer, paper supplies and office furniture to the requirement. Also get computer softwares, a digital camera, graphic arts design program that complies with the ad agency standard.


Create a compelling portfolio that consists of previous done work to let your work speak more than you. In the advertising field, nonetheless the previous work one show up to their client prepares them to think on whether or not to collaborate with your agency. So be keen while making up a portfolio. If you don't have a sound advertising background then taking jobs that dive you to deliver some creative output help you further in creating a portfolio.


Being online keeps your presence big and helps reach the agency anywhere in the world so try to develop a great website that provides information about your agency standards, work, work location and contact. Hire a developer or get a freelancer to make the website look professional and captivating.

Contacts and relations

The more business contacts you have the more is the way to drive benefits as this field majorly needs strong relations and contacts. People with advertising background can cope up with the clients easily, more or less par to people looking to build them. So if you have a thought crossing in your mind all the time about starting an agency start churning relations you can and keep on making them even stronger if you already have.