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Career Corner

Career Corner

Career Corner is a section specially dedicated for graduate students and faculty members who are looking ways to improve their skill set with guidance. Get information on how to enhance academic careers, teaching skills and lesson planning. The section also covers how to publish and market research.

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How to improve your confidence

BY Prasanna 18 January 2016

If there are a bunch of things leading a person to success, the part of confidence is really big as it can give cat the power of a tiger. It is not something co

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Preparing for a Interview

BY Seshu 07 December 2015

As an experienced school and district leader I have participated in more than my share of interviews----on both sides of the table. Out of this experience come

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Where Are You Willing to Serve?

BY Seshu 01 December 2015

The majority of teachers enter the teaching profession to make a difference in the lives of children. However, many teachers put limits on the geographical are

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Career after Graduation

BY Seshu 19 November 2015

Completion of graduation is the turning point in one’s life. A general graduate (Arts/Sciences/Commerce) has a lot of options and opportunities. One can easil

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Jonathan Osteen - The Password

by wochit 27 February 2019

Have you ever felt like God's presence was distant, like you could not access Him? In this message, Jonathan tells us the password for accessing God's presence

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Michael Phelps Solidifies His Retirement

by wochit 23 November 2016

After the 2016 summer Olympics, Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps announced he was retiring. He’s done that before, so many people did not know whether he was go

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Holly Holm Starts Career With Aerobics, Ends Up Beating Ronda Rousey

by wochit 05 October 2016

Holly Holm caught destiny in the corner of her eye. Just out of high school, the multi-sport athlete was taking aerobics in her hometown of Albuquerque, New Mex

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How to overcome stage fear?

by Prasanna 03 February 2016

Image Credits: www.gomindmerge.com Students or lecturers who are getting ready to tap the stage to present a topic most often confronts the fear it brings. S

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