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Career Corner - How to improve your confidence

How to improve your confidence

BY Prasanna 19 January 2016

If there are a bunch of things leading a person to success, the part of confidence is really big as it can give cat the power of a tiger. It is not something comes as legacy where as it has to be build.

Remember nothing is impossible

Not just one but many are answers to a question. If a problem hits your way, start figuring out solutions, and believe in the fact the one who bounces back with high spirit wins the game and remains as a true winner but not the one who succumbs to weight of a problem.

Engage in physical activities

You might have come across thousands of articles preaching you to become a strong part of physical activities. The importance of being physically fit is indeed high if you sought to breathe life into confidence and success as the workouts and exercises rejuvenate your energy.

Reach a short term goal

Have many goals in your target list? Pick one you need to finish off in urgent. Work towards the goal, think over it more, don't let anything replace your goal, try from all the ways and say "finish". Make sure to apply this step to your life as it really boosts your confidence.

Rewind your achievements

You stood first among all in the 10th standard, climbed a mountain back in the past, got awarded for painting or drawing skills or found a new route to reach your home? anything! Give a rewind and get motivated by yourself as you're the perfect one in the world to push yourself towards success.

Think and act

Taste your words before going to spill to ward off errors that may occur. And less mistakes ultimately calls for confidence. Write down if things are messy and organize them accordingly. A very small act or a big one, an earlier thought always helps in the betterment.

Don't give too much into emotional thinking

The role of emotions is quite big in everyone's lives. The way we handle them has an impact in our confidence levels. There are people who improved their confidence with a right balance of emotions and also there are people found low confidence in life when emotions took over them. So keep your emotions in control to let the ball rolling.

Become social and skip being alone

It's good to allot some personal time to think about yourself but keep on adding hours and hours to this habit may kill your social life. Don't haul yourself from a group and sit alone, attend parties, join get-together and say yes to invitations generously.

Let your body add confidence

Maintain body language with relevant and good postures. Whenever you speak, talk with a clear voice and don't let words roll over the other. While sitting, prefer to sit straight than leaning over a chair. Have good eye contact and offer firm handshakes.