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We've garnered some famous Sermons that brings peace to your mind.

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Joel Osteen - Caído pero no olvidado

by 17 October 2018

No podrá vivir por mucho tiempo antes de haberse caído en la vida—a causa de una enfermedad, un divorcio, un amigo/a que le traicionó

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Victoria Osteen - Lift Up Your Eyes

by 17 October 2018

The writer of Hebrews says, “We inherit the promises of God through faith and patience” (Hebrews 6:12). You may not look like you want to look or be

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Joel Osteen - Your Faith

by 15 October 2018

There’s nothing more powerful than your faith. When you believe, that’s what activates God’s power. Are you living with expectancy knowing tha

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Victoria Osteen - How Are You Handling Worry?

by 10 October 2018

Did you know that the word worry comes from the Old English wyrgan, which means “to strangle?” If we let them, worry and stress literally choke the

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