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We've garnered some famous Sermons that brings peace to your mind.

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Victoria Osteen - The Unconditional Love of God

by 12 June 2019

Because we know our Father loves us, we can have the confidence to tell Him when we make mistakes, and He will forgive us.

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Joel Osteen - Designed to Withstand

by 10 June 2019

At times it may feel like the storm around you is going to overwhelm you, like you are unequipped to face what lies ahead of you? In this message, be encouraged

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Victoria Osteen - Let's Have A Positive Attitude

by 06 June 2019

When you take in information, you are the one who chooses to think positively or negatively about it, and then your attitude will affect your words and actions.

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God Has The Final Say - Joel Osteen

by 03 June 2019

During times of discouragement, when it seems like you are at the mercy of your circumstances, know that God always has the final say. Subscribe to receive Joel

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