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We've garnered some famous Sermons that brings peace to your mind.

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Investing In Your Future | Victoria Osteen

by 16 January 2020

When you stay focused on past hurts and disappointments, you invest in your past instead of your future. It’s time to let go of what happened in the past.

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It's Just A Matter Of Time | Joel Osteen

by 16 January 2020

We all have things that we’re believing to overcome. It may not look like anything is changing on the outside, but the moment you prayed, God defeated the

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You Are Enough | Joel Osteen

by 06 January 2020

It’s easy to go through life thinking that you are lacking in some area. But when God laid out the plan for your life, He gave you the right personality,

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God Has Great Purpose For Your Life | Victoria Osteen

by 04 January 2020

I want to encourage you today that God has great purpose for your life. You hold meaning, you hold potential, you hold everything you need to make this earth a

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