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Career Goals

career goals examples

Goals that are planned to achieve further in the future relying on the interest of what one want to become/accomplish are long term goals. Long term goals need a proper plan and won't complete within a week or a month whereas they take an year or even more to get finish. These long term goals period vary with the type of the goal, ability of the person, skills of the person, time management and the hard work one put to achieve.

Examples of long term goals:

  • career goals examples
    Reduce personal or business expenses by a certain percentage.
  • To buy a house
  • To own a company
  • To complete PhD

Short term goals

In contrast to long term goals, short term goals are goals that can be achieved in the near future - with in less than an year, may be in this month or even in this week.

Examples of short term goals:

  • Get 'A' grade
  • Buy a bike
  • Take a course

Why setting a goal is important?

It is always good to have goals either a long term or a short term to take forward your life with a set of principles. As every goal is a desire we wish to achieve in our lives, they help us in better knowing what we exactly want in our lives and once we started aiming at a goal, chances are more to push ourselves to reach it, which conspicuously helps us to improve our focus in a steady manner.

Also, goals work perfect in measuring our progress as we compare ongoing things with a benchmark that we put prior. Believe, as goals are our dreams in disguise we look to accomplish, they create boundaries and do not let the unnecessary things come in the middle of way.

How to Set A Career Goal?

Setting a goal involves understanding your insight and what you want to achieve.

Firstly, stick on with/ find out what you want to accomplish

Secondly, play the game of divide and rule. Divide your ultimate goal into a limited number of chunks and work towards every small goal.

Finally, achieve all small goals to make finish your ultimate goal.

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