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Embarking the position of a leader and holding it doesn't make someone a great leader. A leader is a person who envisions a great future from different perspectives and works towards it to make it success irrespective of the circumstances he confronts.


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Cultural Brilliance - A Turf to Thriving Innovations

By Dwaipayan, 21 September 2020

Innovation is all about the changes that companies see on a daily basis in some form, even minuscule changes matters – it’s a me

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Leadership Buy: The Art to Change Minds

By Dwaipayan, 16 September 2020

At times, not everyone who works with you will agree with the conclusions you draw — and that’s okay. The essence of leadership

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6 Best attributes to a Good Personality

By Dwaipayan, 19 August 2020

Constructive and positive character qualities define a good character and the fundamental personality of a leader. A good character arrives

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Remote Leadership – Set a Benchmark to Outperform

By Dwaipayan, 17 August 2020

Working remotely is “The new normal”, in the wake of COVID 19 many managers just got irked! Not only because of the virus but no

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Fine Qualities of Great Leader

By Shalini K , 10 June 2020

A Great Leader Great leaders don’t tell you what to do. They show you how its done. Great leaders don’t dictate or order, they

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