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Joel Osteen - A Public Display

by Wochit 20 March 2019 - SOCIAL LIFE

God sometimes works behind the scenes in our lives, but there are other times when the work that He does is a public display of His goodness. When these seasons

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Joel Osteen - Scared Into Greatness

by Wochit 20 March 2019 - MOTIVATION

Being in uncomfortable situations or circumstances is often a prerequisite for stepping into greatness. In these seasons of growth, we learn how to respond to c

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Victoria Osteen - Creating a Winning Atmosphere for Your Family

by wochit 27 February 2019 - LEADERSHIP

In this message, Victoria will show how to have a winning attitude with our family members. The Scripture says, “Let us consider how we may spur one anoth

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Jonathan Osteen - The Password

by wochit 27 February 2019 - CAREER CORNER

Have you ever felt like God's presence was distant, like you could not access Him? In this message, Jonathan tells us the password for accessing God's presence

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