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600M Years From Now, Earth Will See Last Solar Eclipse

by Editor 02 August 2017 - ASTROLOGY

On August 21, viewers across the continental United States will be treated to a rare display of a total solar eclipse. Those in the specific path, ranging from

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We've Almost Used Up Earth's Resources For This Year Already

by Editor 27 July 2017 - ASTROLOGY

Every year our amazing planet Earth is able to regenerate a huge amount of environmental resources used up by humans, including water, soil, and clean air. But

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Earth is Remarkably Safe from Cosmic Catastrophe

by Editor 19 July 2017 - ASTROLOGY

Researchers have recently conducted a study that suggest a cosmic catastrophe would have to be extremely bad for it to destroy life on Earth. Joshua Winn, a Pri

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NASA Interns

by Editor 12 July 2017 - ASTROLOGY

In Greenbelt, Maryland hundreds of interns work for NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. There the students are allowed to work in different ares of mathematics, t

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