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Astrophysicists To Create Magnetic Force Field To Shield Us From Solar Flares

by Wochit 20 October 2017 - ASTROLOGY

When FDR said, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” he must not have been aware of solar flares: those tremendous ejections of energy th

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Motivational Workplace Items

by Wochit 20 October 2017 - MOTIVATION

These days it can often be darn near impossible for folks to feel happy and motivated on a regular basis at the office, not to mention if you already don't like

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Google Adds Security Feature For At-Risk Users To Lock Down Their Accounts

by editor 18 October 2017 - SOCIAL LIFE

Google is rolling out a fancy new security feature today that’s designed to protect users who face significant risk of having their accounts hacked—

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China's Xi To Open Communist Party Congress

by Wochit 18 October 2017 - COMMUNITY

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday will open a critical Communist Party congress, that is expected to cement his authority with a closely watched address

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