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Victoria Osteen - The Power of Remembering

by Wochit 14 November 2018 - MOTIVATION

In the Old Testament, God commanded the children of Israel to take time out of their busy schedule, several times of year, to remember the miracles; how he part

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Keep Your Heart Free From Offense

by Wochit 12 November 2018 - BEING A WOMEN

Proverbs 19:11 says, "good sense makes one slow to anger and it is to one’s glory to overlook an offense." It does us no good to go around offended.There&

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Peace With Your Scars

by Wochit 12 November 2018 - ASTROLOGY

You can’t live very long without being injured and going through hurts and pains. Sometimes the wound heals up and you don’t have any sign that it e

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More Shakeup At Amazon Studios

by Wochit 24 October 2017 - BUSINESS PLANING

Change continues to occur for Amazon Studios. The company’s head of comedy and drama, Joe Lewis, has exited. The move follows a report earlier this month

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