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You stick to morals until you lick the greed: Blogging Vs Microblogging

- By Dwaipayan, 24 April 2021 | 4 MIN READ


Let’s not waste time and see how best to promote your business online? We’re going to pick up blogging versus microblogging to see which delivers maximum impact to your content strategy. 

Chances are that you’ve thought about starting a blog; You have started more than one and never made more than a few posts; thought of hiring someone to blog for you; found somebody to do it cut-rate; couldn’t quite completely understand the unique rules of grammar they employed; tried once more yourself.

Okay, now if you’re active on social media, you’ve actually done some microblogging (without realizing those were microblogs!). And you’ve probably been more effective at it than you were with blogging. So how does a microblog different from a traditional blog?


Interestingly, if you google “what is microblogging”, you’ll get lots of answers that decades old. That’s because the term was coined in 2005 and became popular with the rise of social media platforms like Twitter and Tumblr late in the last decade.

Blogging has always been difficult. And, when Twitter and its ilk came along, letting you write an entry, add a link, and post it, all in a matter of time, the pundits of the day quickly sounded the death blow of blogging.

The irony, it didn’t take long for those very same pundits to appreciate that, if all took their advice and gave up blogging, then no one would have much to microblog about.

Finally, blogging retained its glory in the rightful place at the top of the digital marketing content heap. Nevertheless, the value of microblogging as part of any company’s digital marketing plan was firmly entrenched.

Microblogging in 2021

So how does a microblog differ from a traditional blog? If microblogging has been key to a company’s digital marketing for so long, why are we going on about it today?


Three main reasons.

• We see too many companies devoting lots of marketing resources to content, and either not using microblogging, or not using it properly, to amplify that content.

• Mobile devices continue to grow as the technology of choice for browsing the web. Reading an entire blog post on a smartphone can make your eyes ‘buggie’. But flipping through microblogging posts is fast, easy, and fun, so they’re more important than ever.

 • New microblogging platforms have emerged along with new ways of using all of them. As of March 2021, Instagram had a 58% larger monthly audience than Twitter. But is your business on Instagram? And do you know how to use Instagram for business? What about Snapchat, Tumblr and Reddit?

In the end, if you want a more direct answer to “blogging versus microblogging” in terms of numbers of posts, you should be microblogging way more often than blogging. That’s many times a day, versus a couple of times a month.

Content curation, the humanization of your brand, interacting with your online communities, becoming a thought leader, require a deft hand at microblogging. And a wicked blog too.

If you want to put microblogging to work to get more value from your traditional blog and all your digital content and marketing, get in touch with a digital marketing team.





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