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Yesterday a failure, today a Winner

- By Dwaipayan, 13 February 2021 | 6 MIN READ


We see a lot of successful people around us, and we are amazed to see their highlight reel, but few talk about their failures. People are interested in wins. But if you asked them to share a laundry list of failures it will be worth it! And let’s be honest, we could all do that. We are all failures sometimes (couldn’t agree more to it)

Failure is your best teacher. You can learn so much about yourself, an idea, or anything you’re working on by knowing what doesn’t work. Mistakes aren’t necessarily failures but progress that you learn not to stumble again. Giving up is a failure, mistakes do not. Mistakes simply move you to a new path, the right path.

What do you learn from successful people?

Successful people can teach you patience, persistence, strategy, problem-solving. These are just a few strides (I would say) successful people have been tested with. If someone has put up six online stores and succeeded big time, you have only started working on your first store. It took them seven attempts before they got there. But they were able to do it. And you will too. You simply need to keep building, experimenting, pivoting, and learning.

Remember you’re one step closer

There are many people out there who look at a failed business or project with frustration. Take it this way, failure, you realize you move one step closer in the right direction. Think progressive “Okay, so this didn’t work. What will?” Maybe I need to change my business strategy? Or I didn’t move assertively enough with my marketing? Do some reverse engineering and find out where did I go wrong? Change your marketing approach and see that again.

Did you take Ownership?

So when you failed, did you call yourself a failure? Yes, Good. The absolute worst thing you could do when you’re a failure is not own up to it. What do most people do? They play the blame game. You can’t transition from failure to winner if you never take ownership that you’re the cause of the failure. Acknowledging that you’re a failure is smart because you’re in full control of the decisions you make here on out. But if you blame other people for your problems, you’ll always be trapped. 

Failure teaches you to be fearless

A lot of people struggle to face their fears of failure and end up becoming a failure. Never give up! Every time you fail at something, remind yourself that you’re the protagonist of your movie. The hero always faces a challenge, a fight, or a problem but in the end, they always win. 

Singer Adele vomits due to stage fright before every concert she performs. She’s got one of the most powerful voices and songs you’ve ever heard. Nik Wallenda, experienced fear when he began losing grip of his balancing pole as he tight roped 13,000 feet above Times Square. But he faced it because the show must go on. 

It Humbles You

When you feel like you’re on top of the world and then failure comes around and kicks you down. And there you go tumbling back down. About half of success comes from just showing up. 

While failure after success can be difficult to digest, humility ends up reminding you that others are talented too. It’s important to learn that life lesson. The most successful people realize that the secret to minimizing failure is to work with other successful people.

Failure makes you smarter

Einstein once said, “It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.” If he stays with problems longer, he isn’t succeeding, he works through them. 

To make a project successful, you might need to work on it a little longer. Back to the online store, this time you spent $2000 on advertisements and didn’t make a profit. Instead of terming it a failure, you should consider it time to approach your problem differently. Maybe you don’t have enough experience with ads and you learn after this failure. Like Einstein, you can invest more time learning about a topic.


Experiencing failure never seems pleasant. But it’s what makes the ride of life worthwhile. The climb to the top is difficult and slow. But definitely, it’s the climb up to where you get your greatest triumph. Experience is the lessons you learn along the way, the ownership you take, and the person you get transformed into from your failures.  



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