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Why rise early?

- By Shalini K, 25 September 2020 | 8 MIN READ


How early or what time you get out of your bed daily? Or does it even make a difference to you? Many successful people have early morning routines. Early morning time has lot of spiritual significance. In Indian subcontinent one and a half hours before sunrise is considered as Bhrahma Muhurt, the creator’s hour. Many spiritual practices are performed during this time. Bhrahma Muhurt is considered as very auspicious for practicing yoga and meditation.

It’s not easy or convenient for everyone to get up early. But you would be surprised to know the benefits of rising early in the morning.

Transform your life in a better way and chase your dreams by just rising up early. Let’s look at the tremendous benefits of getting up early.

  1. Best time for Goals. What can be better time than early in morning hours when your mind is completely fresh from a good night’s sleep? If you are a goals person early morning is the best time to revisit your goals and review them. By prioritizing your goals you can be very productive and accomplish a lot every day leading you to success.

  2. Get fit. There is nothing more rewarding than a healthy body. You will get ample time to go to gym or do pushups or for Yoga. Without the worry of getting late you can enjoy your early morning exercises and stay fit. Spending enough time for your body will help you to remain active and fresh throughout the day. Needless to say you can accomplish a lot by staying active and energetic.

  3. Beat Stress. Early mornings are best time to work on your stress or negative energies. With no body around you can reflect and contemplate on life and higher purposes. You can make meditation your routine which helps you to remove your stress, calm your mind, and bring peace and joy to your life. Meditation will also help your mind to focus and in turn make you very productive towards your goals.

  4. Read and Write. You cannot have any excuses of kids yelling or TV noise or people around. Early hours are so quiet and peaceful to read or write. You are at complete freedom to think and write a journal or a book which has been pending for a long time. You can make reading a habit which can help you in many ways. You can read books of your interest or subject matter to increase your skill sets.

  5. Healthy Breakfast. Many of us miss our breakfast for lack of time and suffer health issues in the long run. When you rise early you have ample time to eat healthy breakfast. It’s one of the most important meals of the day. Skipping breakfast has lot of health hazards. Studies have shown that risk of type 2-diabetes is higher; it’s bad for your heart and also might cause weight gain along with other problems. Rise early so that you savor healthy breakfast and stay energetic throughout the day.

  6. Appreciate Sunrise. When was the last time you have noticed or seen beautiful sun rise. With our hectic work schedules we miss creations beautiful feat, when the sun is rising in full glory as if the sky is painted in incredible warm colors like an impressionistic painting. How unfortunate it would be not to appreciate nature’s beauty and not wonder about the creation. Get lost in the glory of nature and feel liberated.
  7. Time for kids. We have hectic lifestyle and miss spending time with our loved ones and most importantly with our kids. No other time is better than early mornings. By the time you reach home in the evening you are either tired or kids are already sleeping. And also you are mentally burdened with day’s work and stress. Early hours are completely your time without the urgency of doing any office work. You can help your kids to get ready or play with them or go for a jog, make some tasty breakfast and eat together. 

  8. Sleep well. You might have heard Ben Franklin’s old saying “Early to bed, and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” It’s actually true. When you start getting up early you would naturally tend to sleep early. Research has found that getting good sleep strengthens your immune system which is excellent for your overall health. Sleep keeps you healthy. And also getting enough rest keeps you energized. A good night’s sleep will improve your concentration, memory, and help solving complex problems.

  9. Overcome negativity. It’s been proven in a study that people get overwhelmed with continuous negative thoughts when they go to bed late. With all the day’s stress and issues you naturally tend to worry or think about all the things that did not go well on that day. It’s impossible to come out of the pessimistic thoughts unless you give a break to your mind and get some good sleep. Giving rest to your mind is the best way to come out of all negative thoughts and improve problem-solving.

  10. Be a Rock star. When you get up early you consume all your energies to better yourself. Not only yourself, you can help your family and others to lead a joyful life. Mornings are the most productive hours of the day. You can enhance your success by working on your priorities, staying healthy by exercise and eating healthy breakfast. It’s the best time to reply to important emails and set the tone for your day. You can get most of the work done by taking important decisions because your mind is focused. Delegate most of your work and stay very productive. 

There will be no distractions in the mornings; rising early is the best way to start your day with full energy. It might be difficult for some of you to wake up early. Start slowly by getting up half an hour early then you usually getup. And from there on improve daily by half hour to capitalize on the amazing benefits of early mornings.

If you are already an early person, please share your experience and how you are benefiting from waking up early.


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