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Why reading is so important

- By Shiva Chiluveru, 10 May 2021 | 7 MIN READ


Is reading really that important? Apart from gaining knowledge and information does reading has any other purpose? Benefits of reading are multi-fold. Reading might not seem like an exciting idea but its outcome is enriching. Reading is not only a great surviving tool in present day world but can be a life changing experience for better.

The importance of reading is unquestionable. It’s equally important both for children and adults as well. Your ability to accomplish great things in life is limited by reading and comprehension skills.

In another words reading is an essential skill for you to prosper or create or innovate or grow in your job for that matter to even get a job. Reading can make you a better or quick learner in any subject of your interest.  The advantages of reading can be both tangible and intangible.

Let’s look at some important benefits of reading which cannot be ignored.

1. Expand your Imagination

The habit of reading will take you to the world which you have never seen or imagined. It will open the door for many wonderful things and lets your imagination fly beyond horizon. The kinds of subjects or books you can read are beyond quantifiable.

When you read poetry or fiction or non-fiction your mind travels along with the characters or ideas or thoughts of the book or the author which you were never exposed to before. Your imagination multiplies bringing you closer to many new ideas and concepts which you might have never thought of heard about.

2.  Sharpen your focus

Its quiet natural for all us to be distracted by many things those happen around. Our mind is always busy with many random thoughts. It’s very rare that we feel the power of focus. Reading helps to focus and concentrate. When we take a book and start reading, we naturally sit still in a comfortable position there by training our body and mind to be calm and concentrating on one thing.  

Most of us do multi tasking, which means we are less focused at any given task. Reading helps you to focus on one thing at a time. When you are absolutely focused on one task for longer time or duration it’s very likely that you will be very productive.  By sharpening your focus, reading helps you to be successful at your job or work.

3. Enhance your memory

One of importance aspect or benefits of book reading is improvement or enhancement of your memory. When you start reading a story book your brain starts remembering various aspects of that story like characters, places, their names, plot, sub-plot etc. What you are actually doing here is activating your part of brain which is associated with memory. By constantly reading you are using the memory muscle which is located in cerebrum part of your brain and keeping it active.

If you make reading a regular habit or activity you most likely improve your brain power. Amazingly which means that you have much improved memory and you are most likely to become smarter. How cool is that?   

4. Increase your vocabulary

Assume that you are interviewing two candidates for your business. Both have good skill sets and experience required for the job. But one candidate has good vocabulary and the candidate’s vocabulary is not so good.  Whom would you hire for the job? Obviously the first candidate. Why? Because he has exhibited great prowess in vocabulary, which instilled great confidence you saying that this candidate can do a better job.

If you have good vocabulary you can explain your ideas or thoughts to your team or colleagues or your boss or your client in a much better way. Good vocabulary is an undeniable skill for performing better at your job or for better career opportunities. There is no other tool better than reading which can help you to improve your lexicon.  

5. Great stress buster

In the current modern world, it’s practically impossible to escape stress. With so much work and hectic lifestyle we are constantly under severe pressure. Many of us look out for help and get enrolled in lot of program to get rid of stress by spending lot of money. But we never pay attention to reading which can release us from pressure, anxiety, depression at no cost.  It has been scientifically proven that reading can reduce muscle tension and lower your blood pressure and soothe your mind.

Reading a good story or a novel transports you to a different imaginative world there by leaving all stress and anxieties behind. Let not the distress from work or relationships etc worry you from now on. Just make reading a regular habit, at-least for 15-20 mins. Reading has the magic power or the ability your calm your mind and bring peace.

There are tons of books available in different formats either printed paper backs or hard covers or pdf formats etc.  And the list of subjects of your interest is limitless, fashion, entertainment, biographies, novels, art, music, magazines etc. The choice is endless

You can borrow books from your local library or find it online. There are many sources where you can download free books as well. Get up from your computer or laptop, step out of your comfort zone and embrace reading.

Make reading a daily ritual of your life for your overall wellbeing.



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