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Ways To Think Positive When You’re Down In Negativity

- By Dwaipayan, 28 July 2020


Positive thinking just means that you approach unpleasantness more positively and productively. Cultivating a positive mind can lead to positive change in your life.

A confident outlook is good for your physical and mental health. Always think the best is going to happen, not the worst. At times, certain situations arise in life that makes it hard to keep positive, bend your mind towards positive thinking, and likely it will turn into a habit. And once, it becomes a habit, you’re a winner always.


10 incredible ways to work on positive thoughts


1. Hangout with Positive People

 Studies have shown that making friends to positive people makes us healthier and happier; they reduce stress and can even help us live longer. While, if you surround yourself with complainers, pessimists, and angry people their negativity will have an affect on you. Spending time with positive friends and family members could help you imbibe their positive thinking habits.


2. It’s Your Behavior, take responsibility now!

Avoid being that you’re victimized. Acknowledge your role in the situation and take responsibility for your behavior. When you accept responsibility, learning happens and stops you from playing the blaming game. Blaming others is unfair, isn’t it?


3. Get involved in a Community

Charity begins at home, focusing on what you have to offer, other than what you have.

Volunteer in some manner and give back to the community. Helping others in need is a gift

That will change your perspective and can give you a lot of happiness.


4. Read Inspirational Topics

No, we’re not asking you to be a bookworm! Spend some time of the day reading inspirational stories, blogs, articles, good biographies that will sharpen positive thinking. Read to help you focus on what could make a difference in your life. We bet it’s a very good idea.


5. Don’t get plagued by Negative Thoughts

Do not allow negative thoughts to empower you. Thoughts that have words like “always” and “never” aren’t good for you, something like  “I always mess things up” try to replace it with something more realistic such as, “Sometimes I make mistakes” but I learn from them.” Will give you relief and a sense of confidence.


6. Determine and Work Toward Goals

A clear goal will assist you with clear thoughts. It’s much easier to be positive about problems and setbacks when you have determined goals you’re working toward. Goals will give you the motivation to overcome those obstacles


7. Turn weaknesses to strength: Negativity

Learn how to beat negativity while thinking about the consequences of negative thinking. Often, it can become “a self-fulfilling prophecy”.

A person who thinks, “I probably won’t be able to crack this job interview,” may just give up or put

less effort into the interview. In any case, failure is guaranteed. Note down your negative behaviors and start working on them.


8. Say, Kudos to you! often

Always find reasons to compliment others. Be genuine in your praise and compliments,

This will help to inculcate a habit to look for the good in other people.


9. Be Thankful! Make a Daily Gratitude List

Start working to create a daily gratitude list. This can better your chances to focus on the positive in your life rather than thinking about the mess that happened in the day. An attitude of gratitude invites positivity and a reason to celebrate!


10. Routine a Self-Care session for you

As the saying goes! Health is Wealth. Good care of yourself brings positivity and great health.

Exercise regularly, get plenty of rest, and manage your stress well. Optimized physical and mental health will give you abundant energy and a positive mind.




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