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Video: Soft Skills Essentials with Sruti Mashru

- By Editor, 04 January 2021 | 8 MIN READ


We’re thankful to Sruti Mashru, for giving us this exclusive interview. Thousands of corporate professionals owe their success to the outstanding inputs of Sruti Mashru. She has won several accolades in her career as a training professional and is a very well-known personality in the training circle.

Domain knowledge vs Soft skills?

Domain knowledge will get you a job or a client and it is only soft skills that will help you retain it. Somebody may get hired for the technical skills but if he is not able to communicate with his client effectively that will lead to a major communication gap. The client will be in dilemma as to why he is not delivering what he is promising, and the entire business relationship is in jeopardy now. For all practical reasons, the contract may not get renewed and the business may lose a big client.

What is the right time to learn soft skills?

Soft skills can begin from a very tender age, even when one is learning to speak. Basic etiquettes learned at home are soft skills. So, if you ask me when do we start learning soft skills? I will say basic etiquettes, protocols, communication that we learn as a part of growing up are essential soft skills. Everything counts from the lessons of not giving up, to the attitude of learning and fighting back.

Why soft skills are important in a competitive job market?

Soft skills help you to manage people better. Soft skills make you a team player and help you grow as you climb the corporate ladder.

How can you push soft skills into a resume and at an interview?

Simple things like “I manage time better” and if that we have put it in our resume, the interviewer is wanting to see if we’re reporting on time or when we say I’m a “quick learner” the interviewer is actually looking out where can you demonstrate yourself as a quick learner. So, it is important how you draft your resume correctly, simply copying a diligent resume can put you in trouble if you’re not playing by strengths as mentioned in your resume. You're easily busted!

What are some of the key soft skills?

Communication is one key soft skill by any means. A lot of people get confused between communication and language ability. A child just born will communicate to the mother “hey I’m hungry?” so communication is not just about communicating somehow.

Communication is all about communicating effectively! Some people have good language skills but the way they put it across is inappropriate. Communication is a wider topic; businesses are based on communications. The other vital key soft skill that comes to my mind is time management, nothing could be a better example of this ongoing pandemic, if you see, practically we’re working 24*7 so it is important how we manage our time effectively and manage work-life balance. Juggling between professional and personal life brings in stress and anger so stress and anger management becomes a part of soft skills today. Interestingly, in this pandemic, the most crucial soft skill that I saw is “adaptability” The first person to be adaptive to the new normal wasn’t the CEO of a company, it was neither the VP of a company but the roadside fast-food vendors who promptly shifted their business strategies and went on selling vegetables and regular house-hold items. 

How does emotional intelligence make a difference?

The four elements of Emotional Intelligence, the first being self-awareness, only when I am self-aware, I will be able to understand my strength and weaknesses. Once we’re aware of the self we will be in a position to manage. The idea here is to play on the strength. Not just our strength but other strengths also. So, the next element after self-awareness and self-management is social awareness – to understand the strength and weakness of people around us, about people in society. Once we can understand the people at large we’re able to handle relationships better and that is the fourth element, relationship management. Emotional intelligence makes all the difference in your life.

Can Emotional Intelligence be applied in personal life and can it mend broken relationships?

Emotional Intelligence talks about understanding people. When we apply EI at home we see the same results just like as we see in the workplace. Broken relations can be made sparkling new with emotional Intelligence!

What do you think about leadership?

I recollect this quote from Bill Gates “Leadership is the ability to heed the lessons of failure” A good leader will not only heed the lessons of failure but help to support, coach, or mentor people at times of need and deliver that power and confidence so that they perform.

Tell us something about Eldin and why did you choose to coach?

Eldin is successfully training thousands of employees and students across several corporates, engineering, and management institutions. Her contributions to training over the last one and half decades have earned her a distinguished position in the training sectors of Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, and other well-known cities.

Eldin is a convergence and a hub of some of the most proficient trainers around the region each with a specific specialization in training. Fortified with the best talent and strength in the industry, Eldin has set in motion a different ball game altogether i.e. to ensure the delivery of the most premium training programs that integrate every minuscule aspect that makes a program wholesome and effective.

I decided to coach because I genuinely wanted to bring a difference to people’s life. I started to take soft skills sessions with phenomenal results, things also changed for me on the personal and professional front.



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