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Urban cycling and its benefits

- By Dwaipayan, 17 October 2021 | 5 MIN READ


Obesity is rising, report trends of this health condition in both developed and developing countries have doubled since the 1980s. The situation among children is far worse: childrens' obesity rates almost tripled over the last 35 years.

Unhealthy eating, chronic stress, genetic factors, sedentary lifestyle, sleep problems, are factors at play for such dreadful statistics. So the question is how do we improve the existing state of things?

One of the possible answers to it is urban cycling!

What it is and why it’s great

Cycling is just using your bicycle to move around your city either commuting to work or for leisure. Instead of going by car or public transport you could just hop on your bike and start pedaling! In the US today, the number of people who commute to work by bicycle increased by 60%

Overlook the traffic problems: when on a bicycle, you can move almost as freely as you’d do on foot. Get anywhere you need to get quicker, calmer, and so much more contented.

Secondly, having a bicycle is much cheaper than owning a car and it's easy keeping it flawless in working condition. And do not forget the fuel expenses!

Think environment! global warming emissions. In other words: fewer cars, slower global warming. Just think of the poor penguins!

Health benefits of urban cycling

Cycling is inversely linked to obesity rates; multiple data from different countries and studies tell cycling helps reduce obesity.  Riding a bicycle (bike) is a full-scale aerobic exercise, which is far more helpful than strength and resistance training when it comes to promoting weight loss.

Keep a check on your glucose spikes, and all types of anti-diabetic medications just keep pedaling!

Studies also tell that cycling commuters live longer and are 45% less likely to have cancer, and it doesn’t stop at that. The numbers of this study are just amazing: cycling reduces the risk of death from any cause by 41%, death of cardiovascular conditions by 52%, and death of cancer by 40%.

Commute cycling controls cholesterol levels, enhances cardiovascular health, and maintains blood pressure levels even if adopted at middle age. Start now! it’s never too late to start: the fabulous health benefits of cycling are waiting for you.

Bicycle commuters feel drastically less stress than people who decided on other means of transportation. The maximum effects seem to appear after 4 or more days of bike commuting per week.

The Bottom Line

If you’d have to pick only one new activity to skyrocket your health in 2018, I believe that the best option would be getting into urban cycling. Besides the fabulous health benefits that it offers you, it’s just a clean and environment-friendly way of moving through your city. No harmful emissions, no annoying sounds, no traffic problems – it’s a win-win scenario for everyone!

A journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step. Your quest for better health is to be ignited with the best start ever, and all kinds of beneficial things will come hand in hand. Just think:

You’ll start drinking more thanks to the physical activity

 You’ll start sleeping better to refill your energy for the next pedaling commute

To wrap it up, let me remind you that start pedaling in just a few weeks. Which is great, a totally clean slate to start writing your story on! Don’t miss it. It’s time to start pedaling and get the health you deserve!


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