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The use of BIG data in Education

- By Dwaipayan , 15 December 2020 | 4 MIN READ


Learning has changed from a passive to an active experience. Big data has gained huge momentum, particularly in the education sector. The traditional classrooms are now being replaced by digital classrooms and the driving force behind this unlimited learning is data and analytics. Interestingly, the students now have far-fetched access to data and resources that was not possible a couple of decades before. Thanks to digitalization which is growing in leaps and bounds. 

Today, students have the option of learning from anywhere, at their convenience from home, the coffee shop, or the classroom with the assistance of Big Data.

Let’s understand “Big data”

Big data is a term of data sets that is extremely complex and nowhere a traditional data processing application can deal with them. The challenges associated include capture, storage, data curation, search, sharing, transfer, visualization, querying, updating, and information. However, analysis of these “data” can find new correlations to figure out trends in all industry verticals.

Data mining in the educational field is an emerging development. Various forms of data are collected from students’ online learning systems aggregated over a large number of students. These data collected can contain many variables that aid algorithms for model building. The type of model assists educators to discover students learning patterns, interests, challenges, etc.   

By analyzing “big data” educators can make a substantial impact on the school systems, students, and curriculum. Educators can now identify, who are at-risk students and ensure they make adequate progress. With “Big data” educators can provide plenty of data and analytics tools to build that ultimate personalization. It is often that students get bored with repetitive textual format. So educators are now coming up with a digital copy and web-based sites that contain a whole lot of animations, sample quizzes, videos. 

For a K12 student “Big data” can fetch predictive analytics which can help him to select colleges and further studies options based on his profile. Students are increasingly using social media to opt and influence their college choices. 

Internet of things (IOTs)

Incorporating IOTs for K12 and higher studies has become valuable because of cloud applications that reduce hardware costs. Most of the students have internet-connected devices that create a virtual library of information unlike traditional barriers of education which limits themselves to geographical location, language, specialized learning needs, etc., Digitization have created a massive “database” that can be accessed anywhere and anytime unlike its predecessors “physical textbooks” 

Digitized textbooks

The future of textbooks has set its journey already, with improvisation and time it would get even further interactive, collaborative punched with real-time accuracy. A single tablet phone can hold GBs of data altogether, just think about the next-gen tabs! It can redefine learning in the go.

Finally “Big data” is enabling educators and students to harness the power of technology. Students pick adaptive learning and in turn teachers initiate interventions in the form of tutoring and tailored assignments providing feedback to students for continuous improvement. 



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