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The Power of Positive Attitude

- By Shiva Chiluveru, 22 September 2020 | 9 MIN READ


The Power of Positive Attitude

Life would be boring if there is no drama. We cannot have enriching life experience unless we go through various situations in life. Many of us have difficult time handling unexpected difficult situations. It could be loss of a loved one or being broke or a break up or losing a job, life takes us through a roller coaster ride exposing us to various emotions.

How can we handle painful situations and achieve greatness? How can we avoid depression or sadness and experience the joys and happiness of life?  The solution for many such issues might be in positive attitude. Positive attitude is an antidote to all the miseries of life. Positive attitude is the mantra that will help you to live a life full of joy and happiness as supposed to life full of sadness and misery. What every circumstances life may throw at you, just one positive attitude will determine your happiness quotient.

The only thing in your control is your thinking and your attitude. Your approach or attitude towards challenges will transform your life forever. Having a right attitude is to look at the bright side of life. Positive attitude will install confidence, encourages growth and success. People who look at the bright side of life will always have positive experiences. We can harness the power of positive attitude by understanding how being positive will help us to be more lively and how we can cultivate it.

Let’s take a realistic approach and try to understand life. People who are born to the same parents experience life differently. One person might grow to be very successful and one person might end up blaming his or her parents or the circumstances. How is it possible that people who are born to same parent, who are raised in same environment and conditions turn out to be different? We have examples in our own family or if we look around, brothers, sisters from same family grow differently, achieve different success in life and experience life totally different from each other. It’s only possible through their attitude towards life. If we closely observe people, who are successful in life will always have a positive attitude. They see obstacles and challenges as an opportunity to grow. They have zest for life.

Positive people don’t want to end up their life in misery. They are attracted towards the sunshine and pleasantness of life. If you fill your mind with positive thoughts you will be more attracted towards simple joys of life. The only striking difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is positive attitude. You cannot control or determine what happens to you but how you respond to the circumstances is totally in your control and that response will determine the quality of your life. And your response is completely based on your thinking and attitude. If you are a negative person your response will turn out to be negative and the outcome of that response will be negative. If we can look at the way we respond to situations we can understand our attitude, whether we are harvesting negative attitude or positive attitude.

Once we have an understanding of this secret, your life will be in your control. Your response to any given situation will determine the quality of your life and how you choose to respond is completely the outcome of your attitude towards life. Positive attitude is pivotal for a happy and joyous life. How can we cultivate positive attitude?         

How to transform your attitude

Are you aware of your emotions and feelings which shape up your attitude? It’s very important to be aware of your attitude which determines your response to the situations. What’s your response when things don’t happen as you expect for example let’s say you were planning for an outing and suddenly the weather changes and it starts to rain. There can be only two responses. Either you lament about the weather and get upset that your outing is spoiled or enjoy the cool breeze of rain having hot tea/coffee with snacks along with your family and spend some good time with them at home. These two responses have dynamically opposite results.

Here are few tips to shift your negative thoughts and attitude towards a positive one.

  1. Appreciate: Stop complaining and shift your focus to appreciating things in life. There is no point in complaining about things that are not in your control. If you could change the situation make an effort to change the situation. If not, smile at the mysterious ways life treats us.  
  2. Have Gratitude: Develop gratitude and be thankful to what life has given you. Maintain a gratitude journal and start writing all the things you are grateful about. The people in your life, your job, money you are making, friends and family, food, cloths etc. Having gratitude will tremendously help you to develop a positive attitude.
  3. Choice of words: Pay attention to the kind of words you use in your communication. Keep a check on negative words; avoid words that invoke negative feelings or emotions. You may not agree with what people do or say but that doesn’t mean you have to lose control of your faculties and use words that you might not mean at all. Practice using words that invoke happy and joyous emotions.
  4. Who are your friends: Surround yourself with positive people. Observe attitude of your family, friends, relatives and people you interact with often. If you can advise negative people feel free to do so or avoid such people. Identify positive people and surround yourself with positive people. Company of happy and joyous people will always help you to see on the bright side of life.
  5. Meditate: Get in touch with your inner self. Practice being in present. We often tend to live or think about our past or future, being mindful will help you to be calm and peaceful. Mediation can do wonders for you inner being eliminating all negative energies and thoughts. Make it your lifestyle to mediate daily; it will help you to remain focused in your present.

It’s the responsibility of every human being to make their life fulfilling. A simple method as changing your mindset to a positive one can create wonders for you. People who are optimistic and have positive energy will inspire others. Be an inspiration and spread positivity.

Your happiness is in your thoughts and actions. Being positive will make you confident, calm and at peace. Live life with full zest and achieve your goals and make your life meaningful.



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