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The Power Social Media Has Over Teen Lives

By wochit 28 December 2016

Social media is an enormous part of the youths lives today. Many teens feel the need to use social media constantly as a means to achieve acceptance. Online activity allows individuals to find others with similar interests. Through various platforms such as Facebook , twitter and instagram people are able to share their whole lives with others.The youth uses social media to try to win the popularity contest that consists of who has the most likes shares and comments in the online universe. Such activities have created a new social culture in which people become self obsessed and are compelled to share everything. Having the ability to see what goes on in other peoples private lives gives some a sense of inclusion. Social media isn’t all about acceptance, it can also be about exclusion. words and posts can be used in a negative way to make others feel less than confident. Positively or negatively social media plays a large roll in the youths lifes in 2015.