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Teach today as we taught yesterday

- By Dwaipayan, 14 August 2021 | 3 MIN READ


It was on February 14, 1990, Voyager-1 looked back at earth from 3.7 billion miles and took a picture that later came to be known as the “pale blue dot”. Today the man-made mission is in interstellar space and sending us vital data. It was Ed Stone the man behind the Voyager space exploration and Carl Sagan another thinker, author, and cosmologist to make the mission possible.

Interestingly, Voyager-1 was built with 69.63 KB of memory, a technological marvel of its time. Here is a noteworthy analogy!!! an iPhone 5 with 16 GB of memory has about 240,000 times the memory of the Voyager spacecraft. 

The communication system in Voyager-1 includes a 3.7-meter (12 ft) diameter high gain Cassegrain antenna to send and receive radio waves via three Deep Space Network stations on the Earth. Signals from Voyager 1 take over 20 hours to reach Earth. 

So, how is the “future of education” linked here? 

The “Future of Education” is inspired by education itself - a vision that starts from now or one that has already begun. Likewise, the voyager-1 space project was possible because of all the preparation, learning that could take place through systematic education, and not forget the elementary education which holds the key!

Innovation, ingenuity, technological breakthrough, inventiveness are all rewards of a strong education foundation. When it comes to technology-facilitated learning, the hurdle is finding the best suited technology for teaching and training. The market is overwhelmed with learning software packages and e-learning modules.

School/college authorities need to check out the fitment, understand student needs. The make-up of the student body will have a sizeable impact on the model of the learning plan. 

Today, disruptive technology in education offers wide possibilities and can define successful learning outcomes, but then reasonable is good, things can blow out of proportions if we become overly dependent on technology. 

Also, what is disruptive today may not be disruptive tomorrow – AI-guided learning, virtual and augmented reality, gamification, robotics, are all trending learning approaches until something new pops out of thin air, we really don’t know!!! 

Perhaps the best thing I find about “technology in education” is the “connectivity” it offers. You won’t have to worry about the library, or the lab is closed. The right technology allows one to continue education remotely wherever s/he is located. 

Changing technology is moving to a ballpoint pen from a metal nib fountain pen. Guess!! the objective remains the same …… writing! 


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