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Should You Choose A Tattoo Based On Your Astrological Sign?

By wochit 30 December 2016

Getting a tattoo is a pretty huge commitment and choosing the right one can feel overwhelming. If you're someon who lets astrology guide you, there are some tattoos that may be best for your sign. Arrows can be good for trailblazing Aries, while palm trees can represent pleasure for Tauruses. Wings for the lighthearted Gemini can be a safe bet. Anchors and hearts are a nice choice for the homebody Cancer. Virgos may opt for a tattoo as detail-oriented as they are, and Libras who hate being alone might consider getting a tattoo with their BFF or soul mate. Roses for Scorpio's passion, travel-themed tattoos for the wanderlust in Aquarius, crowns or lions for the royal Leo, and something romantic for Pisces. Trees and quotes are perfect for the driven Capricorn.