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Roti, Kapda, Makaan Aur Broadband!

- By Dwaipayan, 09 November 2020 | 5 MIN READ


In just a matter of months, broadband connections have become an umbilical to the outside world. We’re just depending on a fast broadband connection to get our works done, continue to learn and to see other people.

March to late June this year, internet traffic soared by around a quarter in many major cities. Demand for a reliable broadband connection has skyrocketed for certain online services. Video calling services such as Skype, Microsoft teams, WhatsApp, and other online interactive services all have replaced face-to-face interaction with colleagues, family, and friends alike. Video-conferencing software Zoom in the middle months of 2020 recorded users than in all of 2019.

Stay-at-home entertainment is also thriving. Record numbers of people using play store and online PC game store. Online grocery stores saw that spike in business, with customers waiting for hours in virtual lines this time.

Good or bad, the covid-19 crisis is driving some of the biggest expansion in years. The internet and the cyber world is coping with the most sudden eruption of usage in its history and there are plausible signs of strain: Wi-Fi that slackens to a crawl, websites that won’t load, video calls that buffer. But regardless of the odd hiccup, the internet is doing just fine.

The unexpected spike in demand is taken seriously. Popular entertainment and social media channels such as Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, and the newly launched Disney+, all decided to cut the picture quality of streaming video to avoid adding to the strain. Similarly, Sony, Microsoft, and Valve, which runs Steam, have cut back on sending out updates to video games or limited them to off-peak hours.

We saw such interruptions in the past and we’ve come back harder and cleverer. This time a dramatic shift took place in our digital lifestyle. The event has triggered a change in consumer habits that no technology company could do even after spending billions of dollars in marketing budgets – The broadband revolution – We’re working out of virtual offices, the kids are attending virtual classes, we reunite with our old friends over video calls, gyms have started online training sessions, people have attended live webinars & sessions, many of us are using online doctor consultations for the first time, we have taught our elders to make video calls or use online apps for home delivery of goods, the promise of good times in the difficult course of life. However, to sustain this transition in this new normal, the most important link will be this Home Broadband. 

The consumers prefer flexible plans not only in terms of speed but other added services such as superior user experience and network performance.

Key trends which the Home Broadband industry will see are as follows:

Managed WiFi - With enhanced features like security management, multiuser-coverage in homes, device connection assistance, guest management on WiFi, remote maintenance, and support using an arrangement of monitoring and administrative tools that will increase the network performance and user experience.

Parental Controls – With school going online a Parental Control service will enable the end-users to customize and manage the content consumption with a combination of Category Based Filtering and Time-Based Filtering.

Bandwidth on Demand – Additional bandwidth services for users to manage their short term requirements related to a sudden surge in bandwidth needs for events like online webinars, streaming of live events, etc.


The share of Home Broadband is on the rise. It is quite expected that we may see the large scale of investments by existing players to expand to the last mile connectivity. 


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