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Replace your Bad Habits with Good habits

- By Shalini K, 31 August 2020 | 13 MIN READ


The irony of bad habits is such that you don’t know you have them until something terribly goes wrong and your life has turned upside down. Bad habits slowly take your life towards self-destruction and you won’t be even aware of them. 

Have you ever thought that your life is made up of your habits? It’s your habits that shape up pretty much everything in your life. Your habits influence your success, failure, your happiness, joy almost everything.

The paradox is bad habits are easily formed; they are as easy as taking a breath. Once bad habits are formed they become part of your brain system controlling your life style.Breaking away from the shackles of bad habits need realisation and absolute will power to replace bad habits with good habits. 

Let’s take a look at some of the bad habits and what you can do to move over to good habits.

 “Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.” –Warren Buffett

1. Replace your phone, tablet or computer in bed with a book.

In the modern age no technology has over powered us as internet did. Internet has practically enslaved us so much that we carry it everywhere even to the bathroom in the form of mobiles, tablets, laptops etc. We don’t realise how much these devices destroy our sleep affecting our overall health.

Replace your mobiles or tablets with a good book or a gratitude journal on your bedside. Get back to your reading habits and improve your knowledge or awareness. Writing a gratitude journal will help you to lead a life of contentment. 
Why writing a gratitude journal is good for you

2. Learn a new skill instead of instinctively surfing the internet.

More often we impulsively get on to internet surfing breaking away from our work. Internet surfing during work brought down productivity in many companies and individuals. People start surfing on the internet just as a curiosity or habit on latest news or some topic and unknowingly spend hours of time browsing through irrelevant topics.

To break away from unproductive internet surfing, start an online course to improve your skills. Monitor your internet surfing patterns and replace them with online courses. Within no time you will acquire new skills which you can be proud of.

3. From being Late to being punctual.
Always being late to office, meetings, shows lack of discipline and poor time management. Also it would be considered as rude behaviour on your part for making every one wait for you and you will end up apologizing every one. Another important downside of being late is that people will lose trust on you.
What can you do to manage your time well? Plan your day ahead. Schedule your meetings and appointments. Set reminders and alerts about the same. Plan to start 10-15 mins early for every meeting. As you start practising these routines, you will have better control over your time and naturally become very punctual.

4. Checking your phone during a conversation.

Mobile phones have become an extension of our hands. It’s very unlikely that we won’t be carrying our mobiles anywhere we go. Using mobiles has become an involuntarily action which most of us have become accustomed to. It has become an habit to use mobile or just go through messages even when we are having our food, or when we are in a meeting or when we are having a conversation with someone.

eople might be put-off when you use your messages while having a conversation. This impulsive habit can ruin your relationships.Turnoff your mobile phone or put it off in silent mode even before you are about to meet someone or attend a meeting. Make it a habit of leaving your phone in your back instead of holding it in your hands.

Such simple habits can improve your relationships tremendously and help you be focused during your meetings.

5. TV Binge-Watching

With proliferation of subscription on-demand streaming services like Netflix, Amazon prime, Hot star and Hulu etc Bing-watching has sky rocketed across the globe like never before. Spending some time watching your favourite show or a movie can be a good way of spending time with family or un-wind yourself but addiction is something else.

Binge watching not only has adverse effects on your health leading to weight gain and obesity and other severe problems; it can take away your life.

Having the will power to change your TV watching habits is imperative. They are many activities you can get involved in to shift your focus from TV, get involved in sports or subscribe for gym or swimming pool. Develop reading habits. Play indoor games with family.

6. Live in the present

It’s quite normal for everyone to either live in the past or the future. We spend our time either lamenting about the past or blaming someone or jump to future expecting some miracles to happen in your life. We seldom realise that our future arises from our present. What we do in the present will lead to our future. In other words our future is created by the decisions and actions we take in the present.

If we spend our present day whining about the past or blaming others how our tomorrow will be any different. Mind is tricky powerful tool which feeds on negative things and keeps on distracting you from the path of being present.

Meditation can be a great way of calming your mind from all those thoughts which keep cropping in your mind. Schedule 30 mins meditation sessions twice a day. Focus on your breathing on regular basis. Attend Yoga classes. These activities will increase your focus and help you to live in the present.

7. Toxic people are not worth your time.

As humans we meet lot of people, often make new relations in the form of friends, colleagues etc. Have you come across people who drain your emotions? You feel exhausted dealing with them or being with them. We give so much importance to people not knowing that they are toxic. Dealing with them is difficult, they make you miserable. They will manipulate their way and take no responsibility what so ever for their feelings. No matter what you do for them their problems are never solved.

Pay attention to people, toxic people will never pay attention to you or your needs, it’s all about them. They will never think of apologizing for what they are.

The best think you can do to save yourself from toxic people is to just stay away from them. Your time and energy are very essential to your life; do not waste them on toxic people. They are not worth your time.

8. Love being yourself

Lot of people have confidence issues based on their upbringing or parents or their life style or financial situations. Sometimes our confidence levels will be so low that we don’t love ourselves any more. We love being others. We appreciate other people way of life or talents ignoring our own. We start behaving like others, start dressing like others. We end up doing lot of things which we don’t even like.

Trying to be someone else will make our lives miserable. It’s very important to understand that every person is unique and every individual possess different or rare talent.

Pay attention to your own talent. Hone your skills by taking some classes. Be comfortable by being who you are. Dress the way you like and feel comfortable. Slowly find your own uniqueness and make your mark on the world.  

9. Stop gossiping; know the power of your words.

There is a great quote by Eleanor Roosevelt Gossipers “Great minds discuss ideas, average ones discuss events, and small minds discuss people.”

How do you define yourself? Are you a small mind or an average mind or a great mind? Do you derive pleasure at someone expense. Every once in a while we end up gossiping either about our neighbours or colleagues or celebrities and taking pleasure from some one’s problems or tragedy.
Such behaviour might not be intentional but that’s the nature of human mind, to push you towards negative aspects of life; to make you dwell in the carnal pleasures.

There lot of beautiful things out there in the world. Learn to appreciate life and nature. Keep a check on your thoughts and constantly engage in ideas rather than people or events. 

10. You become what you eat.

By definition junk food is trash which will not contribute to your health in any way. Junk food is made to taste good for your taste buds but not for your body.
Have your ever given a thought that you are giving away your hard earned money to junk food producers to spoil your health.

When you understand how junk food like burgers, pizza, fries and soda spoil your body, you will realise the futility of such food.
Are you aware that severe disease like depression, digestive issues, heart disease and stroke, type 2 diabetes, cancer etc are directly linked to junk food? Do you know that eating fast food has higher risk of obesity? Apart from these there are many side effects like poor digestion, constipation etc.
Do you still think eating junk food is wise? What are the alternatives then? Consume healthy food like salads, green leafy vegetables, juices, fruits etc. Eat healthy and stay healthy.

It’s very easy to get into bad habits but you would need great will power to come out of bad habits and get into good habits. The step towards having good habits is to have awareness about your habits and daily routines. Identify your bad habits and make a resolve to form good habits. Always be in the company of people who have good habits, which would make your life much easier and happy.



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