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Rejuvenate Your business with Top Talent

- By Shalini k, 30 April 2020 | 2 MIN READ


Business are facing unexpected challenge like never before. Corona virus pandemic has thrown many small business into bankrupty. How business owners can navigate their business through these troubled times?

Its important to understand that top talent is always looking for right culture and opportunities to contribute their skills to their organization.

In these crucial times how do harness the power of top talent ?

  1. Its very important to make sure there is a role, not just a task. Communicate clearly to your team mates about their roles and responsibilities.
  2. Its the responsibility of your hiring manager to be clear on the job description and specification of the talent you are hiring.
  3. Right skills are important. Having a good attitude is essential but hiring people with right skill set is crucial.
  4. Collaboration is the key. Encourage collaboration among your team members.
  5. Foster innovation. Encourage your team to take calcuated risks and face challenges in solving problems.
  6. Keep an open communcation between your teams to exchange ideas. Support ideas that can help solve problems or increase productivity.
  7. Integrate your new team members with expereinced and seasonal professionals. And ecourage mentorship.

Small business owners tend to underestimate the power of skilled team. Building a right team can require a lot of time. As much as 50% of a CEO’s time can go into bulding right team.

But it’s the most transformative thing that business leaders can spend time on. You will never scale a business unless you build a right team.



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