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Powerful Conversations Drive Collaboration

- By Raghavendra Gudipati, 30 October 2020 | 3 MIN READ


What key elements help a Manager to make the team more productive?

A manager aspires his/her team to meet timelines with qualitative output. Operating plans are a key part of their job with regular reviews of the team to drive performances. However, at times things could be tricky for Managers to help their direct reports to achieve targets.

Here are a few thoughts that will help you to make your direct reports more productive and be accountable for their deliverables.

The idea of working with people is largely driven by ‘communication’. This key aspect drives the teams towards achieving their goals in organizations. Since communication plays a particularly important role in this setup, Managers holding conversations with their teams have a greater value, but sometimes it can adversely impact because certain conversations that Managers initiate may lead to disempowerment in teams and directly impact their performance. A reasonable practice in honing communication skills is particularly helpful for Managers to achieve better results – As an effective communicator, a Manager can help their team members to find the intentions in the right sense. This seems to be a time taking process but will create a great collaborative working culture if it’s into practice.

Try these steps:

Next time, when you want to have a conversation with one of your team members, reflect on the below questions before engaging them.

1. What are your intentions for this conversation?

2. How this conversation is going to help the team member with whom you are going to hold this conversation?

3. What are the current challenges, burdens, and conflicts of your team member?

4. Are you going to add more challenges, burdens, and create more conflicts with your team member by holding a conversation?

The invitation for you is, whenever you want to get into a conversation with someone in your team or with anyone else, try to reflect upon these questions. For a start, it would take time, but with practice, you will become adept and see greater results to source a collaborative working environment.

What else you need to help your team members achieve their KRA?

You may have thoughts that this is time-consuming and a tiring process, not helpful to instant results. But it’s a journey and the journey has hope and great value, the value of ‘learning’ and ‘leading’.

Are you rushing to hold a meeting? Hold yourself for a moment, contemplate and try the above process and you’ll reap the benefits.





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