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Must haves for Making a User Friendly Website

- By Shalini K, 13 July 2020 | 5 MIN READ


Websites are no more just text and information on a page. Users today expect your website to entertain them along with a comfortable overall experience. Things such as the aesthetic of your site and the placement of your CTAs can impact how long visitors stay on your page. Fortunately, we know how to make your website more user-friendly.

A few of many ideas are

Listening to Your Regular Visitors

Place the user at the core of your design and content to make your site more user-friendly means to say get input directly from your target audience, take the time to ask your regular visitors what they like and don’t like to see on your page. Discover missing elements and know what they don’t like about a website. Take those comments and fix any features your visitors dislike.

Speeding Up Your Website Loading time

Many users expect a website to load at a lightning speed, even on their mobile devices and will abandon the site that doesn’t load after three seconds. Speed is certainly a matter to consider if you want your visitors to do business with you.

Providing In-Depth Information

A visitor makes an informed decision about your product or service when every information is available for him and he doesn’t need to hunt for it. Provide the visitor with more in-depth information on what you have to offer, the better and keep it accessible.

Intuitive Navigation

A navigation bar is an essential tool in the hands the site visitor because it follows throughout their journey on your site and brings them back to the landing page. So you need to limit the number of categories in your navigation bar so that it doesn’t become overly bulk and keep in mind to place it in the same location on every page.

Choosing The Colors Carefully

Your color palette should make sense for your industry. Choose the colors for your website carefully that make a perfect balance between beauty and clarity.  Create enough contrast between the background and text so that the visitor can read text easily and should not strain his eyes.

Improving Your Site Layout

About 80% of internet users are accessing the Internet via their phones. Having a responsive layout has become a necessity. Whether your site looks same on both desktop and mobile is not important but it is more important that mobile users can navigate easily throughout the site and there is no need for them to zoom in every few seconds to see the things.

Paying Attention to CTAs

Site visitors decide to buy or register for your newsletter wants to know how to take the next step. Locate strong calls to action (CTAs) on your pages in locations that make sense.

Beefing Up Your Contact Page

Beef up your contact information, if it is simply an email. Many people state that complete contact information is something many websites are missing. Add credibility to your site by
adding a toll-free number, a live chat option, and user forum.

Making improvements consistently is the key to a site with good UX. Ask your customers what tools would help them increase the UX of your site and add those to your site. But keep in mind that the tools that are useful for an e-commerce site will differ from those that are useful for a blog. Try to see your site through the eyes of your target audience and test everything in their perspective.



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