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More Millenials Live With Their Parents Than With A Significant Other

By wochit 16 November 2016

According to a report by CBS, more millenials now live with their parents than with a spouse or partner. The report paints a picture of millenials in both living situations. 23-year-old Anthony DeCandia, like 75 million other people his age, is living with crippling debt and uncertainty about the future. DeCandia lives with his parents in Verona, New Jersey while he works to pay his $80,000 dollar school debt. "I’m just ready to move on and live on my own," says DeCandia, "and it’s just tough because with these loans and all these debts that us millennials have, we can’t.” The report says the average student loan debt has more than tripled in just the last 20 years, and young people have been slow to buy homes since the recession.