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Leadership: What’s your point of view?

- By Dwaipayan, 01 October 2021 | 5 MIN READ


Did you ever try to influence others towards attaining a certain goal? Were you successful to influence their thoughts and actions? If your answer is yes, means you’ve engaged in leadership – in other words, people around you and in your circle will benefit from your leadership point of view.

Here's below leadership point of view explained:

·         Identifying people or events that have shaped and influenced your thoughts.

·         Describing all about your leadership values.

·         Sharing your expectations of yourself and of others.

Identify Key People and Events: Take some time and think about key people who have influenced your life, could be parents, grandparents, coaches, or bosses. What are the leadership lessons you acquired from them? Next, try listing down the significant events that were turning points for you. What did you learn from those events, and how did those lessons help you to prepare for a leadership role?

Here is an analogy; I’ve often told the story of how, in the 8th grade, I was elected president of my class. When I rushed home and told my father, he was just delighted! But now that you are president, don’t ever take advantage of your position, that’s what he told me. Leaders are grand not because they have power but because their people trust and respect them.” It is about the people I was serving.

Values that one should feel strongly about: These core beliefs will clutch how you behave as a leader. For example, Mahatma Gandhi valued peace, because he modeled that value by encouraging non-violence – His campaign for India’s independence from British rule was pure leadership.

Values can be diverse in many ways; you may come up with a long list of things like honesty, creativity, freedom, success, humor, spirituality, security, etc.  You just need to narrow down your list to three or five core values. How do you do it? The best way to do this is to look back at the key people and events that shaped your life.

Communicate your expectations of yourself:  Based on the learning from key people and events and the values you hold dear—what, exactly, do you look forward to see yourself as a leader? How do you expect to behave as a leader? Making this clear to the people you communicate your intentions behind your behavior.

Communicate Your expectations of others:  Communicate your expectations. When you let people know what you expect from them, it gives them a clearer picture of your leadership of how they can be successful under your leadership.

Sharing Your Leadership Point of View

Never hurry on this! Creating your leadership point of view is a process. Give it a deep think, learn about each element and how it fits into your leadership story. A leadership point of view is a very individual statement that requires both reflection and vulnerability.

So here you’re ready to share your leadership point of view out loud by using a draw around of key points. I’ve realized and am equally amazed to see how powerful it is when leaders share from this deeper place. It’s all about real life experience and genuine!

Final thoughts: Leadership is about helping the people you lead understand where you’re coming from so that together you can create a winning team.



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