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Jupiter in Libra Might Mess Up Marriage

By wochit 16 December 2016

Jupiter, the planet of risk, evolution and growth — embarked on a thirteen-month tour through Libra, the sign that governs matrimonial unions. Jupiter's annual cycles are known for accelerating change. This planet longs for freedom, adventure and experimentation; nothing conventional will do. Until October 10, 2017, marriage (and all forms of committed partnerships) are in the red-spotted planet's crosshairs. White picket fences could feel like jail cells now. Hence, Brad and Angelina become Jupiter in Libra's premier poster children for what can happen when a once-passionate union becomes a little too...predictable. Interestingly enough, the Pitt-Jolie merger became an official thing when Jupiter last toured Libra from September 2004 to October 2005. In January 2005 the "sensitivity-chip lacking" Pitt filed for divorce from Jennifer Aniston. Then, in March, he was photographed frolicking on the beach with Angelina and Maddox, looking a helluva lot like the toddler's wannabe daddy. Forward to June 2005 and a bomb-dropping spread in W Magazine confirmed the pairing for good. Since Jupiter's last tour through Libra (2004-5), national marriage rates have remained essentially steady in the U.S., while divorce rates have even decreased slightly. In 2015, the Supreme Court passed the Marriage Equality Act into law making the sacred union legal for same sex couples in all states. Sure, there's still work to be done. But there are still people out there who believe in this institution! With Jupiter back in Libra, the marriage-minded among us might simply need to reinvent the dream instead of giving up on it.