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It's the little things in life – Revisiting Leadership

- By Dwaipayan, 27 April 2021 | 5 MIN READ


Doing a little at a time is the best way to reach your big ambitious goals

We often label “big wins” as closing an important deal for a company or in case a job promotion. However, as we focus on the big wins – we lose sight of small wins along the way that mark your progress toward achieving those big wins. And that’s where it matters most.

Big wins take a considerable amount of hard work paddled with some smart work. So, when you neglect the small wins that come across the way it can feel like you’re not making progress even when you are. Like trekking a hill but it feels like the summit is no closer at lunchtime than when you set out.

Not only is this deterring, but it can also even derail your progress toward those bigger goals.

Winning as progress

As a substitute, instead of waiting until the big win to celebrate, why not reframe “winning” to mean progress?

look at the milestones as indicators towards your big win. Celebrating each insignificant win as a “small win” builds positive momentum, the kind that keeps you (and your team) motivated to move forward.

“When you neglect your small wins it can feel like you’re not making progress even when you are. Like trekking up a mountain but feeling like the summit is no closer at lunchtime than when you set out.”

Small wins are everywhere, you just need to spot them. Getting a call back from a customer that you’ve been calling – that’s a win or beating the traffic to get to the office in time for an important meeting.

The splendor of “small wins” is they can lead to bigger influence and broader implications; you just have to give some time. Go ahead and celebrate every small win as significant steps toward your larger goals and you focus on the path or the process rather than the end goal alone. This in turn changes how you feel and achieve.

How to create small wins in your career

We’re surrounded by blind spots! There are small wins every day, you’re already doing without giving yourself any credit, take a look! You’ve closed a presentation deck on time or helping a new colleague navigate office politics. Time to celebrate them!

Let’s say you invest time and learn presentation skills and develop the sharpness of speaking with impact instead of just speaking up at a meeting. And rather than just run from pillar to post without time to think, you could learn strategies for getting a grip on your calendar and finally feel productive.

It all comes boils down to what you aspire to in terms of the “big wins” in your career and life. Is it growing your business? job promotion? Or something else entirely?

Keep a future goal and stop looking at the future “big wins” and start focusing on the path by asking yourself:

What are the “small wins” I can celebrate?

What investments should I consider in my development along the way?

The best way to create more “small wins” is by deciding on your career development part. START NOW Do not wait until “later” when you have “more time” to work on your big grand goals because we all know that time never arrives – we’ve to make it happen. Ask yourself, “What small win will I celebrate today?”




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