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Intentions Vs Goals: which is mightier?

- By Dwaipayan, 23 July 2020 | 6 MIN READ


If this is your unveiling about goal setting, one keynote is intentions vs goals. Many people struggle with, especially while putting before themselves New Year resolutions every year and they end up crashing. The better chances could be knowing the relationship and differences between these attributes which will help you to better identify what is an intention and the goal. Moreover, recognizing these can help better to leverage them on your success path.

Intentions vs Goals?
Before drawing a conclusion into the key differences, you need to comprehend that both intentions and goals are good and work for you. Intentions and Goals have clear benefits and shortcomings to one another. Let’s get started, we’ll get into detail further down this post, for now, knowing the distinctions between the two will keep you away from a lot of struggle in the future.

Descriptions (Notable Differences)
The first step is how you can refer to each one since there are some significant differences sandwiched between intentions vs goals. Goals can be best described as end results that you are looking out of an activity, event, deadline as in final accomplishment. It is the result of something that you’ve put together based on your thought process. While intentions are the power, dynamism you put in at the very start. It’s your overall willingness to do something. Example: “I want to lose weight.” Is intention, WHILE goals are the specific actions that you will be taking to lose weight like starting an exercising regimen.

About their Timings
Intentions are always now. Goals are future projections. These are things that you want to achieve at some point. By taking action and putting enough energy you can achieve your goals.

Focus to Prioritize
When you are setting a goal, the emphasis is placed on the result and the journey along the way. You’ll focus on the milestones that you placed out and assess the results that you’ve received thus far and the final results, too. Another way to look at it is that goals prioritize external achievements. Intentions prioritize the emotions that you are feeling. Yes, that’s part of the journey as well, but intentions dig deeper. They prioritize the relationship that you have with yourself and the task at hand.

Which one do you think is a better recipe for success?
To have a goal is certainly an edge to success. One more way to look at goals is the manifestation of your intentions into a more concrete plan. Goals help you to achieve things, and you’ll be putting more thought into them. You will constantly strive to get there.
On the contrary, Intentions are ambiguous and focus on the immediate short-term. Well, you can have intentions in your life, but this doesn’t necessarily lead to action. Or if they do, people lose motivation. Intentions are strong on an emotional ground and sometimes could bring more satisfaction to completing goals. This can be used as an extra motivation at the beginning to complete your goal. By focusing on one over the other, how about striking a balance between both.


What if we combine both?
Intentions and goals are both extraordinarily strong desires in ourselves as they impact us on an emotional level. But time and again, people run into problems after achieving goals. Many people feel empty, even after attaining a big goal as in “what’s next?” But if you have an intention, that changes the entire question itself. After you complete a goal, it makes sense that you go back to your intentions and begin to deepen your relationship with what has transpired and with yourself. By doing this, you are also figuring out where you want to go next. Let’s say If your intention is to grow, you can focus growing in wealth, physical capabilities, communication, and more.

How can you Best Leverage “the COMBO”
Intention can take you a long way! To get the most out of it, it pays to start with a broad intention and sticking to a single word to manifest that intention. Let’s say you stick to the word “Growth”
Then, follow it through the goal-setting process. If you’re striving to achieve your goal and remind yourself of your intention. You can use it in a sense as an affirmation by this point. For example, if your goal is to grow on social media, your intention can be something like “I will post moving content that engages my audience.” Think and accelerate in the quality of your posts “How can I increase viewers” In a way setting SMARTER goals.


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